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Effective ways of storing your luggage at home


The problem of not being able to store luggage effectively doesn’t get as much attention as it needs. You can store almost anything anywhere, but when it comes to luggage, it is difficult to find a suitable place.

As someone who needs to take it out more often, finding a convenient place for your luggage is quite a task; you need a place where it can be kept out of sight yet the place should be easily accessible. The problem with luggage is that it is lumpy, misshapen, and large, which means that you will have to look for a large space that could be utilized for several other purposes.

But storing luggage effectively is a part of taking care of it so that it remains in good condition when you need it. Here are few ideas for storing your luggage properly that will come handy.

Clean your luggage before storing


You don’t want your luggage to be worn out and smelly when you take it out next to use it. To keep your luggage in good condition, make sure that you clean it first. Look for wear and tear all over it and if there are any wet spots, dry them. You will find your luggage in good condition when you take it out next.

Choose the right place to store them

You cannot store your luggage mindlessly anywhere. You need to keep it in a place where moisture and humidity don’t reach it as they will make the luggage moldy and smelly. Pick a dry, cool, and clean place to store your luggage.

Use luggage as storage units


As apartments are getting smaller and smaller, there is not enough space for all of your things let alone your luggage. A great way to store your luggage is by converting it into storage units. If all of your space is occupied, you can take some things out of your cupboard and stuff them into your luggage.

If it’s vintage, get creative with it

Vintage luggage makes great décor items. If you have vintage luggage, you can use it for décor purpose almost anywhere in your house. It can double as a bedside table in your bedroom, it can be used as a stool in the hallway, or it could be used as a lamp stand in the living room.

Store it under your bed


The art of storage involves making use of every spare space effectively. There is a lot of room under your bed which can house many things. You can shove your luggage under your bed and cover it with a sheet to prevent dust from settling on it. It will keep your luggage out of sight and make it easily accessible.

Hide it in your wardrobe

Not all of us have spare space in our wardrobes, but if you do, it should be the first place to store your luggage. And if you don’t really have enough space in your wardrobe, stuff your luggage with off-season clothes and put it on the top shelf of your wardrobe.

Put luggage inside each other


You can save space and store your luggage effectively by simply putting it inside each other. Take your biggest luggage and stuff it with rest of your small luggage. Now, you only need enough space for on large luggage. It’s a great space-saving technique.

Store it behind furniture

Yes, that’s a great place to store your luggage too. All the space behind your furniture is of no use anyway, it can be put to better use by stuffing your luggage behind it. And don’t forget to use a sheet to keep the dust off your luggage.

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