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Garden watering tips to save money, water, and plants

Hot days are great for a trip to a beach but don’t forget that your garden is dying in the heat. You need to pay extra heed to your garden in summers but that does not mean that you have to spend more water and money for it. You can make sure that your plants don’t shrivel up during the fire season by keeping them hydrated, while using less water. You can do this simply by following these easy tips.

Focus on the roots


While watering our plants, most of us have a habit of showering our plants with water. But we don’t realize that it is more important for the water to reach its roots than its top. While watering your plants, focus more on the root area. This will help you watering your plants effectively.

Know when to water

By watering plants that don’t need to be watered, you are wasting your water. Check whether the plants actually need to be watered or not; if the soil is dry, they need to be watered and it the soil is wet, you don’t need to water them yet.

Know how much to water


You might be using incorrect amount of water which might be leading to wastage of water. The amount of water needed depends on the type of soil. Light soils need to be watered frequently but they require less water in comparison to heavy soils.

Water slowly

In the hurry of watering our plants, we tend to overwater it and the water overflows out of the pot. But, the water consumption will be low if you use a watering can and water the plants slowly till the water reaches its roots.

Set timer in the water sprinklers


You waste a lot of water when you forget to turn off the water sprinkler. By setting a timer, you can save a lot of water and save your garden from drowning as well. Your sprinklers will turn off automatically after a certain time.

Water early in the morning

Watering plants early in the morning saves your water as well. The water doesn’t evaporate in the early morning and the plants absorb it better when the atmosphere is cool.

Repurpose water


Another great way to save water is by reusing it. The water left after boiling rice, the water from your fish tank, and the water from cooking vegetables can be used to water your plants as they are loaded with minerals and nutrients which will, in turn, benefit plants.

Use drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation system will ensure that the water reaches the roots and moistens them well. It will also consume lesser water which will save your water. And on top of that, drip irrigation system is not expensive if you do it yourself.

Check for leaks


A small leak might not look like much but you are losing of water to that leak. Check for leaks in your sprinklers so to ensure that you are not losing water unnecessarily. It will save your gallons of water.

Pick plants carefully

If you are unable to take time to water your plants or find the process too cumbersome, buy plants that are low maintenance when it comes to watering them. It will save your time and water as well.

Pick the right watering technique


The way you water your plants also decides your water consumption. While sprinklers are great for large coverage, they don’t reach plants at the corner; watering cans are great for few plants and not a huge lawn.  Go for a watering technique that satisfies your requirements the most.

Install a rainwater harvesting system

This is a very effective old school technique that saves a considerable amount of water. You can install a rainwater harvesting system in your house and the water that you will collect during the rainy season will benefit your garden entire summer.

Divide your plants


A great way to memorize which plant requires what amount of water; you can simply group plants in different sections of your garden. When you will be aware of how much water a certain section of plants requires, you will use the right amount of water.


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