Stylish wall mirrors add charm and elegance to your home

Stylish wall mirrors add charm and elegance to your home

<![CDATA[Mirrors are beautiful home decor items which you can place just anywhere. Of course, these are ideal for the bathroom and bedroom for their utilization of daily morning routine, yet these can also add a decorative flair. You can smartly combine function and form all over your abode with wall mirrors as these work wonders to create the illusion of extra light and space. As these are available in every size and form, you can fit it on any open space especially on the walls. Bedrooms, hallways and foyers are perfect spots. An entrance way is the best spot to hang wall mirrors to set the tone of your home while impressing your guests too.

Wall mirror styles

Although mirrors are usually made in the same way, but there are variations in the way these are shaped and framed. Being two-dimensional in nature, wall mirrors can be cut and sized in different shapes, thus making decoration possibilities an endless affair. The shapes accessible for mirrors fall within 4 major categories, namely round, oval, square and abstract.

With time the mirror technology has undergone a change yet vintage mirrors offers a distinctive look and speaks volumes. These mirrors also come with frames that share a close resemblance to those utilized for photographs or paintings. Typically manufactured from wood, these frames are also made from synthetic plastics and tiles. While those who do not prefer mirrors with frames can opt for frameless mirrors.

These can fit in any room and complement any decor. Frameless mirrors are in as these possess an understated, simple style that is aptly compatible with contemporary designs. Besides there are functional substitutes to traditional flat wall mirrors. Designed exclusively for the bathroom, these offer extra space for storing deodorants, toothbrushes or anything else that is commonly kept in the bathroom.

Installing wall mirrors will be advantageous

Installing wall mirrors can prove truly advantageous. Some of the benefits include:

  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Provides the room additional energy.
  • You can reap the benefits of natural light via providing it additional surfaces for reflection. Besides, it will help to cut down your light bill.
  • It will provide you the illusion of extra space that is truly helpful especially if you reside in small apartments or the rooms in your home are too small.


As long as wall mirrors are mounted with perfection and care, these are a sure way of adding the feel of more light and space to any setting along with offering stunning visual effects.]]>

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