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6 Sustainable Wedding Destinations For The Perfect Green Wedding

Wild Basin Lodge

A standard wedding leaves more carbon footprint in the world than you can possibly imagine. And don’t even get started on amount of food waste, plastic pollution and a host of other trash that you will leave behind even after you are out of the venue. If you are an eco-conscious person – and so is your partner – you might be looking for ways to have a green wedding. There might be a gazillion ways to organize your green wedding – but the most obvious place to start with is the wedding venue. Listed below are 6 such sustainable wedding destinations for you. After all, you too deserve to indulge in your nuptials without carrying the guilt of the grey thumb with you.

Puntacana Club and Resort

Puntacana Club and ResortImage Source : puntacana.com

This is one of the most sustainable wedding destinations in the world. While you and your wedding guests enjoy the wedding rituals – you can send out the kids on an expedition that teaches them quite some green activities – right from beekeeping to restoration of the corals.

Also, you can join the tour with the kids. After all, having a green thumb isn’t a luxury for just a few – but a necessity for all.

Make your wedding moments memorable by taking your guests out on the property for a taste of in-house harvested honey. You can be sure that this is an experience that will leave your guests wanting for more.

Then there is the coral garden – the home of the Caribbean coral fragments. Explore this place before or after your wedding – and revel in just how beautiful nature is.

With the Puntacana Resort as your wedding destination, you can easily combine the wedding fun with eco-friendly activities and initiatives.

Agriturismo II Rigo

Agriturismo II RigoImage Source : agriturismoilrigo.com

The hills of Valdorcia in Italy are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Tuscan sanctuary also houses II Rigo – a small cottage, coupled with an organic farm.

If you choose this as your wedding destination – not only will and your guests will be visually treated with wide spread views of organic gardens, but your ecological footprint will increase – thanks to the locally produced and sourced veggies and fruits to consume before, during and after the wedding.

Another unique thing about this wedding destination is that it only hosts slow weddings (4-5 weddings a year). Plus, you can only bring 50 guests with you. This ensures that there isn’t much of a burden on the local produce and the carbon footprints are also reduced.

What makes Agriturismo II Rigo one of the most sustainable wedding destinations is the fact that right from the wedding food to the wedding décor – everything is done locally.

Bio-Scholsshotel Wartegg

Bio-Scholsshotel WarteggImage Source : wartegg.ch

This wedding destination is the stuff dreams are made of. A sprawling castle, powered with all-green electricity and a hydroelectric power plant, this destination ensures that sustainability is present in every nook and corner here.

Located in the Lake Constance region in Switzerland, Bio-Scholsshotel Wartegg houses an oasis for you and your wedding guests to explore and relax under the sun.

Then there’s the private garden, from where you and your wedding guests will be treated to the organic delicacy of the fruits, vegetables and other food products.

To navigate the grounds of the castle, there are numerous e-bikes as well. Moreover, this destination also shelters the Bundner Oberlander – one of the most endangered species of sheep.

Who knew, that weddings can look like a fairytale and yet practice eco-friendliness. At Bio-Schlosshotel Wartegg, you will get the best of both the worlds.

Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du ToubkalImage Source : kasbahdutoubkal.com

If you wish to give back to the community or the needy at your wedding, choosing Kasbah du Toubkal in Morocco is one of the best ways to do so.

As you and your guests enter the venue, the first surprise will be waiting for you. Your luggage – as well as your guests’ will be carried by the mules to the designated rooms. This will save on the transport cost.

Imlil Village Association, started by the venue, aims to donate 5% of the wedding cost to the local village schools, a small garbage disposal system, and the first ambulance for the entire region.

Most of these donations also benefit the women of the surrounding villages – who form more than 95% of the staff at the wedding venue.

Not only will you enjoy a unique wedding experience, but you will also be able to give back to those who need it. This is truly one of the most efficient and sustainable wedding destinations in the world.

Wild Basin Lodge

Wild Basin LodgeImage Source : wildbasinlodge.com

You can find this one at the border of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Opt for a zero-waste wedding at one of the top sustainable wedding destinations in the world.

When you do this, the lodge will provide a carpool service for your wedding guests – to and fro from the airport or the nearest railway station.

If your eco-conscious persona crumbles at the mere mention of food wastage – this lodge will solve this worry for you as well. At Wild Basin Lodge, all the leftover food is donated to the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.

Any wedding – sustainable or not – is incomplete with a bottle of wine or champagne. Wild Basin Lodge upgrades that experience for you and your guests too.

Simply opt for the beer, wine and various kinds of liquor from the local breweries and distilleries – this will help the craft industries of Colorado thrive even more.

One and Only Wolgan Valley

One and Only Wolgan ValleyImage Source : oneandonlyresorts.com

This is actually one of the most sustainable wedding destinations out there. Located at just a two hour drive from Sydney, the One and Only Wolgan Valley ensures that each and every aspect of your wedding is as eco-friendly as possible.

With a waste management system in place, coupled with rainwater collection system and local water recycling plant – this venue assures that your wedding does more good than harm to the surrounding environment.

With houses and buildings built recycled materials and numerous solar panels installed at various places throughout the venue, the One and Only Wolgan Valley is just the right wedding destination for the inner eco-conscious inside you.

A meal, sourced from the local produce, is sure to leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests as well.

Sustainable wedding destinations are not just a trend, they are the need of the hour. If you are willing to splurge on your wedding, ensure that you do it in the right direction by choosing one of the sustainable wedding venues from the list above.

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