Autohemotherapy: An alternative and cheap treatment for several maladies

Autohemotherapy is an alternative medicine technique that involves the use of body’s own defense mechanism as medicine to fight infection. The process is simple. Small proportions of blood are removed the patient’s blood from various spots and then re-injected into the body without any kind of processing.

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This means that the by-products of the infected blood too are reintroduced into the body. This is usually done by ejecting the blood from the veins and then injecting it into the muscles. Even though there are scientific studies to prove the efficacy of this treatment but millions around the globe swear by it and many more are getting allured towards it to find a treatment to their problems.

Why people look for it

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This is an easy and ready to do medicinal treatment and involves almost no medical expenses. Practicioners of this medicinal system believe that the therapy increases the level of Macrophages in patient’s body. These defense cells of the body help the body in fighting infection. The blood is sometimes reintroduced into the body just by itself or sometimes it is mixed in medical grade ozone to boost it.

Benefits of Autohemotherapy

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Autohemotherapy stimulates white blood cell production in the body. It further stimulates the production of interferon and Tumor necrosis factor in the body. The ozone treated blood also kills mold, viruses and bacteria in the body. The ozone-laden blood increases the protein synthesis, ATP production, and increases the elasticity and flexibility of RBCs.

Ozone is regarded as anti-neoplastic and hence helps to treat tumors. The ozone also alleviates the immune system of the body and triggers the antioxidant response mechanism of the body. The therapy has therefore been used to treat allergies, rheumatic ailments, rashes and fungal infections. Some people even regard it as effective cure against cancer and AIDS.

Alternative Treatment for disease

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If a list of such tall claims, no doubt, it is fast catching the attention of the people. This bypasses their oral intake by way of pills and capsules. Popular curative fields of autohemotherapy include acne, thyroid autoimmune disease, psoriasis, adjunct Cancer care, chronic allergies, eczema, fibromyalgia, prostate cancer, immune dysfunctional syndrome, chronic fatigue, inflammatory bowel movement, systemic inflammation, fibromyalgia and chronic infections.

Another therapy closely allied to autohemotherapy is IV Vitamin Therapy. It involves the injection of vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the blood stream. This enables the ready absorption of these essentials into the body and thus boosts up the immune and fighting level of the body.

Safe treatment for urticaria and eczema

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Even though an overall credibility of this alternative system of therapy is yet to be established but some clinical trials suggest that indeed, it helps in fighting certain diseases and at certain levels. Take the example of urticaria or Hives and eczema. The control patients reported positive decline severity of urticaria and eczema.

There seem to be no adverse effects of this treatment on the control patients and the minor bruising and soreness on point of injection disappear quickly. Only certain cautions have to adhered to while doing this treatment that include keeping hygienic conditions on the site of treatment and making use of new sterile syringes as well as needles to erode the risk of infection to and from a patient.

Autohemotherapy has shown some promise, and further research and development into this technique can make it a formidable one.

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