The use of alternative therapies for relief and treatment in Dementia

Also known as memory loss, dementia is a condition that is difficult to deal with. While all of us would want to ensure that our brains function normally without any issue, there is little that we know when it comes to finding out a way to do that.

Most associate dementia with just loss of memory as well as reasoning ability. However, the consequences of the condition are much more. If not treated on time, dementia would lead to other issues like personality changes and behavioral issues. In the worst case scenario, it would lead to the loss of ability to perform even simple tasks like walking, sitting or eating, etc.

Dementia Symptoms

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Some of the common symptoms of dementia include memory loss, faulty reasoning, loss of communication skills, inappropriate behavior, balance problems, impaired judgement and frequent disorientation.

Causes of Dementia

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Dementia causes damage to the nerve cells in the brain. Some of the main reasons for the onset of dementia in individuals include Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Anoxia and Parkinson’s disease. Dementia can also be caused by atraumatic brain injury, nutritional deficiencies, lead poisoning and endocrine abnormalities. Adverse reactions to certain medications and metabolic problems can also lead to dementia in certain cases.

Risk Factors

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There are several risk factors associated with dementia and an individual’s increased chance of getting it. These include age, family history of dementia, genetic mutations, down syndrome, atherosclerosis, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, homocysteine blood levels, high estrogen levels, obesity, alcohol consumption and smoking.

Alternative medicines for dementia

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Medicinal cures can only reduce the effects of dementia rather than cure the condition completely. A lot of people have also started moving towards alternative medicines in order to treat the condition and its symptoms. Here are some alternative cures that could work well for dementia.

Caprylic Acid and Coconut Oil

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Caprylic acid is the fat produced by coconut or palm kernel oil. It is broken down by the body into ketone bodies that act as an alternate source of energy for the brain cells that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Using Caprylic acid can hence, offer a plausible treatment option for dementia.

Gingko Biloba

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Associated with several herbal remedies, Gingko Biloba contains numerous substances that could aid the brain cells in the body. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb help to regulate neurotransmitter function while protecting the cell membranes. Studies have related the use of this herb to treat dementia and its related symptoms effectively.

Huperzine A

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Ancient Chinese medical practitioners have used Huperzine A from long back to treat brain related disorders, including dementia. The substance contains properties that emulate the cholinesterase inhibitors used as medication for Alzheimer’s. Hence, its effects on dementia are said to be positive.

Vitamin E

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Some studies have shown that Vitamin E can slow down Alzheimer’s effectively. Vitamin E supplements are also known to reduce the side effects of dementia to an extent.

Relaxation Techniques

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Dementia often causes other issues like dementia and anxiety. These, in turn, can worsen the other symptoms of dementia. Relaxation techniques can therefore, reduce anxiety and depression, allowing you to deal with dementia better. Some common forms of relaxation techniques recommended for dementia include music, massage and aromatherapy.

Dietary Recommendations

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Individuals with dementia need to follow a strict diet when it comes to tackling the condition effectively. Foods that need to be included in one’s diet in this case include virgin coconut oil, cold water fish, egg yolks and organic pasture raised liver, etc. Foods that need to be avoided at all costs include sugars, gluten, inflammatory grains, soy and trans fat, etc.

Lifestyle Changes

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Individuals with dementia would also need to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle in order to tackle the condition effectively. Regular exercises in the form of walking or swimming is considered great while heavy weight training at periodic intervals can have additional benefits.

Activities that require coordination and balance can also be practiced in order to give more work to the brain. Activities for the brain like reading, answering crossword puzzles and even taking up a new habit can help keep the brain active and healthy.

Giving more work to the brain in the form of memorizing stuff or taking alternative routes while traveling can offer some much needed activity for an idle mind.

Dementia is a mental condition that cannot be cured but can be kept under control. These alternative medicines and therapies would reduce the symptoms of the condition to a great extent.

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