Homeopathy: A quick, effective, natural answer for acute infections without antibiotics

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Homeopathy, once considered as an alternative stream of medicines is fast gaining repute in the mainstream medicines as people in greater number are turning towards it for treatment. The experience of the Americans with Homeopathy however dates much earlier to today’s times.

In the 19th century, it was found that death rates in European and American homeopathic hospitals from Cholera, typhoid, yellow fever and scarlet fever were far less than in conventional hospitals.

Let us have a look at a few benefits of Homeopathy-

Urinary infection

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Bacterial urinary infection is fairly common among women. Despite repeated tests, sometimes, the infection is not detected. The prime cause of the problem among women is the close proximity of anus and urethra that makes the makes the movement of bacterial to the bladder.

The problem gets more acute among the males as the problem of infection is not easily located. Even when homeopathic medicines can act as supplementary to the modern medicines to fight urinary infection, its use becomes even more suggested in those cases where the doctors are not able to located the infection. Aconite, Cantharis, Nux vomica, Pulsattia, Sarparilla and Staphysagria are some of the remedies homeopathic remedies for treatment of urinary infection.

Skin infection

skin infection

We all are aware of the painful and insightful boils and abscesses that appear every now and then on our bodies. Some people are more prone to developing them and point toward a weak immune system and bacterial invasion into our bodies.

However, homeopathy is of great help in relieving the patient of the boils and in fortifying the body against developing them. Belladonna is a great medicine in alleviating the patients out of this problem. Hepar sulphuris is good for more serious infections Silica suits slowly developing abscesses that are less painful. To prevent the development of wounds, Arnicia is the most suitable medicine, while bite and stings are best cured by taking Ledum.

Sinus infection

Woman with sinus pressure pain

Sinuses are air-filled cavities in the skull that lie behind the eyes, forehead and the nose. The sinuses are connected to nasal passages to allow the draining out of mucus and getting air in exchange. An infection in the sinuses causes Sinusitis and is a result of cold or allergy. Persistence of Sinusitis may cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Homeopathic medicines like kali Bichrome and Silicea are helpful in the treatment of this problem. The Silcea is used to treat the infections of milder form while Bichrome is helful in those cases where thick yellow mucous gets discharged from the nose accompanied with constant pain in the nose.

Ear and throat infection

A picture of a young woman suffering from sore throat over white background

Ear infection is one of the most painful infections of the body. Viruses, bacteria and even fungus are the causes of the ear infection. It is particularly common among the children. This is mostly caused when the Eutachian tube connecting the middle ear and throat gets blocked with mucous and causes the bacteria to breed.

Chronic infections mat even cause the hearing loss. Kali Mur 6X is a tissue salt helps to liquefy mucus from the ears and as well as from throat, lungs and nasal cavity to ease the pain. Belladonna is good for those suffering from acute ear pain.

Pulsatilla is excellent for the kids. Chamocilla is yet another great medicine for those suffering from earaches particularly the children during teething. Calcarea Carbonica and Hepar Sulph are the other homeopathic medicines good to fight ear infection.

Lung infection

Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

Brochitis or lung infection is one of the most severe forms of infection in human body. Even though Bronchitis can affect any age group, but the elderly and smokers are particularly susceptible to it. It is caused by bacterial or viral infections leading to swollen and irritated mucous linings that further induce severe coughing.

Aconite, Belladonna, Phosphorus, mercurius, Bryonia, Sulphur, Carbo vegetables and Antimonium tartaricum are some of the homeopathic remedies available to cure the lung infection.

General recommendations for infection

3d rendered illustration defending some pollen

Homeopathic medicines try to find cure to the various diseases by making use of the natural elements and building up the immune system of the body to fight them. The modern system of medicines try to find cure by giving short term antibiotics to the body that not only weakens the immune system further but also boosts the resistance of the infection causing biological agents like bacteria to them. Homeopathy does not directly attack the viruses, but is helps to boost up the body’s mechanism to fight them and flush them out of the body.

Homeopathic medicines are one of the best remedy and when taken in conjunction with the modern science, they provide effective treatments for several diseases.

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