Reasons why a wellness trip to Asia is the best thing for you

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Asian countries have won the hearts of millions of wellness travelers through its exotic range of therapies and incredible plethora of traditional alternative treatments. Most of the spa therapies and wellness treatments offered in Asian wellness tourism destinations are rooted in the local culture and traditions.

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This makes wellness tourism in Asia more fascinating as travelers get acquainted with new culture. Foreigners are offered royal treatment and world-class facilities in the famous wellness retreats of India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia.

Wellness tourism has turned into a very profitable industry and Asian countries are top contenders in it. Following are some of the main reasons behind this popularity of Asian countries as wellness destinations.

Spirituality gives an advantage to Asian countries

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The rich Eastern culture is soaked in spirituality. The most complicated spiritual questions have been answered in Buddhist and Hindu scriptures. People believe it to be the land of devotion and spirituality. Individuals who feel lost in life and want to find a new direction naturally feel drawn to the wellness retreats of Asia.

Transcendence and spiritual enlightenment are the two main objectives of travelers who visit Asian wellness destinations for its heritage of spiritual knowledge. The wellness travelers are not interested in luxurious services alone. They are ready to lead a life of a monk for a week or more to understand the simple pleasures of life. There is Buddhist monasteries that let travelers stay for a week to get rid of tension.

The frugal lifestyle offered by them is the complete antithesis of urban habits. This way traveler can unravel a new side to their personality and take part in altruistic pursuits.

Yoga, meditation, ayurvedic healing and more

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It cannot be denied that Asia is the land where most of the popular wellness treatments practiced all over the world originated. As a result wellness lovers like to visit the countries where yoga is a household term. In the wellness resorts of India, Thailand or Bali, travelers can opt for authentic Ayurvedic, Thai or Balinese massages.

Expert practitioners offer all these massages in a calm and peaceful ambience. Ayurvedic therapies like Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kati Vasti and pizhichil are best enjoyed at Indian wellness spas located in Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and other states.

Thai massage is done to reduce body pain and it nourishes the joint. All the massages are aimed at promoting good health and rejuvenation of the five senses.

Yoga is another attraction points for which wellness travelers visit Asian countries, especially India where it originated. Though yoga is now being improvised and utilized in different ways, the traditional yoga is still believed to be most beneficial for all. The different yoga poses can be learnt at the wellness centers of India where professional and qualified yoga trainers teach yoga suitable for the visitors.

The practice of yoga not only firms and tones the body but also helps in preventing different diseases. Meditation helps in relieving one from stress, tension and anxiety. It is a unique way of attaining spiritual enlightenment and mental peace. Traditional Chinese medicinal practices like acupuncture and acupressure are also great at curing chronic ailments and pains.

Cheap rates also attract tourists

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May it be health tourism or wellness tourism, one of the main factors that draw numerous travelers to the Asian countries is the cheap rates of treatments. Countries like Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam offer a wide range of wellness services and five star treatments for foreign guests at moderate prices.

The popularity of Asian countries in wellness tourism has been possible due to the authentic, traditional treatments on offer and the affordable rates of services. People find it easy to travel to Asian countries and indulge in wellness facilities.

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