Dead Sea Providing Immense Wellness Tourism Potential For Jordan

Jordan has taken a massive investment decision to bring Dead Sea under global limelight promoting it as both a vacationing as well as a wellness tourism destination. This is the most sensational, dramatic and the largest natural spa ever to feature on earth’s surface.

The salt content of water is very high touching almost 31.5% making it awesomely bouncy.

Dead Sea is sandwiched between mountains to its east and the majestic hills of Jerusalem to its west. The entire panorama calls for a surrealistic charm. The place has bloomed into a major tourist hotspot combining faith and wellness turning it into a haven for perpetual bliss. Close to the Dead Sea, lies Jordan’s Rift valley which is the lowest point on earth. It is an astounding 400 meters below the sea level with a picturesque landscape to fascinate the tourists.

Natural Spa of the world:

Woman's hands with the bowl of Dead Sea mud

Even if you try the hardest you cannot succeed in drowning yourself to the bottom of the sea.
Water flowing from a number of rivers carrying rich minerals flow into Dead Sea and finally gets trapped enriching the waters with huge salt deposits that has surprising health benefits.

From April to October, the water vaporizes leaving the healing minerals behind. These minerals have an immense relaxing impact on the tourist population. It makes breathing easier, helps improve digestion and stimulates blood circulation.

Complete natural healing:

Bathing brine and mud in the Dead Sea

A vacation for a month at the Dead Sea coast will have a combining effect of the Dead Sea salt and the sun to work wonders on your physical and mental wellbeing! The magical properties of the Dead Sea mineral salts have a permanent answer to a number of ailments like:

– Chronic skin disease.
– Respiratory and joint disorders.
– Asthmatic troubles.
– Arthritis.
– Psoriasis.
– Atopic Dermatitis.
– Vitiligo
– Rheumatism.
– Osteoarthritis
– Fibromyalgia and many other disorders.

For arthritis, it is the mineral rich mud that gives a healing solution. Dead Sea water is 27 times denser than the Great Salt lakes in Utah. The surface of the Dead Sea water filters the ultraviolet rays of the sun and what you are soaking in is the good UVB that is not harmful. This is the only place in the world where you experience this wonderful phenomenon.

Health Right USA , an educational non-profit organization of global repute offers a three weeks activity schedule on exercise, nutrition and holistic healing tutorials designed to heighten the health benefitting effects of the Dead Sea by sustaining them when the tourists to Dead Sea  come back home after the trip.

Dead Sea- The right spot for effective Climatotherapy:

Female hands with salt from Dead Sea

The concept of Climatotherapy has been successfully applied in case of Dead Sea healing solutions almost 2 decades back by Dr Marco Harari, an eminent MD. The principle is to employ a region’s special climatic features to treat chronic conditions. The water of the Dead Sea is warm and serene. In fact, you can literally sleep on the dense water surface or relax afloat reading a novel.

The healing is 100 % natural without having any side effects. This natural and holistic healing is far more effective than chemical treatments. Dead Sea water, in fact, has the magical potential of wringing every ounce of toxic waste from your body.

Wellness vacation options with fun packed activities:

Dead Sea mud

There are wonderful beach resorts to relax and take a break into a healthy sojourn in this amazing piece of land on earth. Not far from the Dead Sea, lies Amman’s touristic beach complete with swimming pools and changing rooms offered at reasonable prices suited for budget travelers. The beach is ideal for parties and banquets.

A deadly combination of the mineral laced Dead Sea water and the rich black mud found along shoreline has significant health benefits healing allergies and bringing a glow on your skin.

You can hardly say you had been to the wellness experience along the Dead Sea shore unless you visit some of the world’s top grade health spa facilities and luxury hotels. Here the visitors can enjoy year round body massage which is highly rejuvenating. Some of the world famous spas are:
– Anantara Spa.
– Dead sea Spa hotel.
– Thalgo Spa.
– Jordan valley Marriott.
– Zara Spa.
– Hammamat Ma’ in Hot Springs.

Jaw- dropping sunsets, meditation and yoga facilities, the Canyons of Wadi Rum, plush sea side resort of Aqaba and a plethora of activities like horse riding, tennis, fitness regimes, cycling, hiking, golf and gliding makes this once bustling Biblical settlements one of the most coveted tourist destinations of current age.

Jordan has rightly taken heavy investment decisions for promoting Dead Sea as both a medical and leisure destinations. It is itself the largest natural spa.  Jordan has a huge German tourist population. Some insurance companies in Austria and Germany advise their customers a vacation at the Dead Sea. The prices are fair and the natural healing process is way too good when compared with external medications having other harmful effects.

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