Health and food: Can junk food provide health benefits?

We all love to eat junk foods, as they are delicious and can satisfy our hunger in minutes. Parents are right to be worried about the health effects of gratuitous consumption of junk foods because junk foods do not include any health benefits. What if I say that junk food can provide several health benefits?

It is very hard to resist munching when you are doing something like watching your favorite show and reading a book. Snacks full of chemical preservatives and added sugars can harm our health in different ways. Junk food also can provide different health benefits.

Ways to make healthy fast food

There are different ways that can make your fast food healthy and can provide various health benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Keep your meal low calorie

Calories count is the main thing that can make a meal healthy or unhealthy. An average fast-food contains around 800 calories and it is vital to cut on calories to make the food good for health. You can make fast food healthy by keeping the meal low in calories. Healthy food should not contain more than 500 calories.

Low-fat food

It is vital to go for a low-fat meal as high-fat food can lead to various health-related problems. High fat can increase the risk of cardiac problems and can lead to obesity. You should prefer meals that contain fibers, high-quality protein, whole grains, and other elements. You can also prefer foods that are low in saturated fats.

Avoid oily foods

Fried food contains bad fats that can make you ill. It is vital to prefer grilled and roasted foods, as they do not contain extra oil and fats. Foods like lean meat, turkey, chicken breast, and lean beef are healthy choices in order to stay healthy and fit.

List of healthy junk foods

Now, you do not have to avoid your favorite fast foods as they also contain some healthy stuff in them. Following is a list of healthy junk foods, but bear in mind that these are only relatively healthier, and should not be used as a substitute for an actual healthy diet.

French fries

It is not a fat-free food but it contains low fat, which is a good choice than an extra cheeseburger. A large plate of French fries only contains 550 calories, which is not a bad choice. Most food joints use low-fat oil and prefer baking, which makes them good for health.

Healthy pizza

Pizza toppings like vegetables, low-fat cheese, and other ingredients can make it a healthy option. Extra cheese is not good for health but a little amount of cheese can give you come to calcium and good fats. Toppings like tomato sauce, carrots, capsicum, radish, and mushrooms can give you essential vitamins like vitamin A and C. vegetables can provide you extra fibers and can keep you healthy.

Healthy burgers

Burgers made from ingredients like cucumber, tomato, green vegetables, peanut butter, and fruits can be a great choice. All these ingredients are low in calories and fats. Fresh vegetables and fruits can provide you multiple health benefits and can improve your immunity.

Ice creams

Candy and pies can be very dangerous for people with diabetes. They need to avoid sweet foods and fast foods. Vanilla ice cream has less calories and fats than other things. Sugar free ice creams can reduce the risk of high sugar level. This can be a great food to include in your weight loss plan.


Peanut butter cookies can be a wrong option as it contains high calories. You can replace them with oatmeal cookies, which contains less calories and fats.


Fast foods always considered as bad meals but they can provide you calcium, proteins, and vitamins. In order to make healthy fast food you can go for healthy ingredients like fresh vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits.

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