Healthy Eating For The Elderly: Tips For Better Diet Choices

As we get older we might eat less due to decrease in out appetite. But one must remember that you will need nutrients. In-fact the need for nutrients like calcium will increase with age. Elderly people must remember that old age does not mean dieting, but it means eating food that is healthy and nutritious. Here are a few tips for better diet choices.

Eat healthy food for a fit body and mind

Change your diet so that your mind and body both remain strong and healthy. It is important to eat food which will boost the immunity of the body and will keep your weight under control. Your diet must reduce the risk of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc. Eat a diet rich in leafy vegetables, fish, nuts etc which will help in improving memory and mental alertness. It will also reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Eat a wide range of foods

Health problems, budget constraints, eating problems, etc can all result in decreasing the range of foods we eat as we age. But one must try every possible way to eat a wide range of foods so that your body gets all the required nutrition.

Try and eat from all the available food groups. For those who are tight on budget buying only things that you will need. If you cannot chew hard food items, then go in for soft food and milled items. Make sure that you include fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, dairy foods and oils in your daily diet.

Maintain a healthy weight

One of the main concerns in old age is maintaining proper weight. Therefore, one must watch out on the amount of intake. Try and limit the food intake because if you eat more calories and do not consume them, then obviously your weight is going to increase. Depending on your physical activity plan your diet and calorie intake. Also try and indulge in light physical activity. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Quantities of water, fibre, salt and fats

Drink lots of liquids in the form of water, broth, fresh juices etc as it is important to keep your body hydrated. Have foods which contain fibre as it will help in controlling of several health problems like constipation, cholesterol, blood glucose etc.

Salt is important due to the sodium content but excess salt can cause health problems like blood pressure so do not eat too much salt. Fat is essential for energy, but too much of fat can add to the calories therefore, limit fat intake. Also avoid foods with added sugars. Avoid alcohol.

Eat food that is safe

As you age your body’s ability to fight infections will also decrease. Therefore, eat food that is safe. Make sure that you store food in clean places and wash all your raw food stuff. Also, do not eat food which is stale. To check whether the food has gone bad do not rely on smelling and tasting. Instead, put dates on the food so that you know how old it is. Keep excess food in the refrigerator.

Learn to adapt to changes

As you age, lots of changes will occur around you. You may have to face the loss of your spouse or you may go through depression and anxiety. There are chances that you might be financially in a tough position. Learn to adapt to these changes as they can affect your eating habits.

As you age learn to eat right and nutritious food that keeps your mind and body healthy. Keep a check on your weight and lead a healthy lifestyle so that you live longer and happily.

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