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Health Update

A clinical psychologist reports how children who are overweight often experience emotional difficulties Childhood obesity is a major public health issue, not least because of the associated health risks that increase as these children enter […]

The Hidden Suffering

An oncologist gives us his lifestyle tips that will help you avoid developing the disease     Most of us will know someone within our circle of family and friends who has been touched by

Seven Things You Can Do To Minimise

Old wives’ tales and folklore masquerading as health advice are put under the spotlight 1 – A firm bed is best for your aching back… According to popular belief, a firm mattress is the best

Ten Health Myths Exploded

The epidemic of obesity has the potential to cause serious health problems for the youth of the UAE The 21st century has brought advances in technology and science. Adults and children alike now spend hours

Obesity in Children - a call for action

A world renowned trainer, global expert and author of Guide Book Series, Dr Prem launches a new guide book on how to be a better patient. A world renowned trainer, global expert and author of

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