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Diet and nutrition strategies that can be immensely useful for women


Irrespective of the age, diet and nutrition are of great concern in women’s life. A healthy diet help you maintain weight, provides energy, fights stress and make you feel beautiful.Including fruits and vegetables in your diet, exercising daily and drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday keeps you fit and energetic throughout.

Women need to focus on foods rich in calcium and iron to have healthy bone structure thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis and many other diseases.Consider reading some of the top diet and nutrition tips for women.

Adopt healthy eating habits

Diet affects your energy and stress level throughout the day.By adopting healthy eating habits, you can control food cravings all day long and stay slim.Follow a proper health routine starting with a heavy breakfast every morning that fulfills your requirement of energy.

Do not take long gaps between meals as it can make you tired and irritable. Instead, eat something after everytwo to three hours. Cut down the junk and focus on food rich in carbohydrates such as oatmeal, baked potatoes, bananas and whole grain breads.Make your dinner protein rich to boost energy and lower the risk of obesity.

Include foods good for bone health

With increasing age women stop building, bone mass but can maintain strong bones by taking nutrients essential for bone health like magnesium, vitamin D, proteins and calcium.Foods rich in calcium include green vegetables, garlic, oatmeal and dairy products such as cheese and milk.

Broccoli, cucumber, green beans and pumpkin are good sources of magnesium.You can derive vitamin D from direct exposure to sun, eggs, and salmon. Including these foods in your diet can contributeto healthy, strong bones, as women are at more risk of osteoporosis than men are.

Include fiber for weight loss

Fiber plays an important role in the diet and nutrition plan of women. Including fiber in the diet makes you feel full very fast as it lasts for a longer duration in the stomach and help you eat less.It not only helps in burning fat from the body but also regulates blood sugar level and lowers the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

The requirement of diet and nutrition changes with age. Women need toincrease the intake of calcium, iron;calories and all necessary nutrientsrequired by the bodyin orderto maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent various diseases.

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