Here’s why weight loss is more about food quality than quantity

The easiest way to welcome a variety of diseases such as diabetes, stoke, cardio vascular diseases and certain cancers is by being obese. Otherwise, weight reduction is the key to a healthy life. Many people wonder as to why they are unable to maintain a healthy weight even when they eat in moderation. The answer is simple, they need to keep a check on what they eat rather than how much they eat.

What low quality food can do to your body

Low quality food will just add calories to your body rather than any nutrition. Chemical reactions in your body are triggered when poor quality processed foods are eaten they inhibit weight loss. The food that does not provide any nutrition to your body will weaken the immune system and make your body more susceptible to diseases.

Also, when the body is deprived of the essential vitamins and minerals the body is unable to carry out some vital functions properly like converting food into energy and repairing cell damage.

A revelation by Harvard

A study by the prestigious institution has shown that the quality of calorie intake is most significant than the quantity in which they are taken. In the research, the participants were first helped in reducing substantial amount of body weight. Then they were put on three rounds of different diets for a period of four weeks each.

In the first round, fat was considerably reduced, focus was on fruits, veggies and whole grains. The second round had them consume more proteins and fat but inhibited the intake of carbohydrates. In the third plan, the people were not asked to minimize the carbohydrate or fat intake rather emphasized on the quality of carbohydrates they consumed.

The results were surprising the third type of diet also known as the low-glycemic index plan was the best. Although, the individuals burnt more calories in the low carbohydrate diet, the third diet restricted the production of the stress hormone cortisol and burnt sufficient amount of calories too.

The verdict

An apple is nutritious and adds just about a 100 calories to your body on the other hand candy bar is high in sugar content and add 300 calories to your system. Ultimately it is what you eat matters rather than how much you eat. Eating healthy food is the right choice, if you eat less food but poor quality food that will not help you in losing body weight.

Quality can be a major factor in weight loss, as compared to quantity. Rather than giving up food, eat the right food for weight loss and weight management.

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