Quinoa can offer you a boatload of health benefits

If looking for a healthy nutritious diet rich in protein, gluten free and easy to digest, include quinoa in your everyday life and stay healthy. Quinoa is a delicious, nutritious and the most versatile food that helps in creating a healthy diet. Apart from this, it is the best replacement for wheat in case you are following a wheat free diet. Consider reading some of the health benefits derived from quinoa.

Controls diabetes

Controls diabetes

Quinoais beneficial for diabetes as it controls the blood sugar leveland high blood pressure caused due to it. Fiber and protein are two essential nutrients required to control diabetes.As compared to the other grains, quinoa is a rich source of proteins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants thereby providing a healthy alternative to people who have diabetes or are allergic to gluten or wheat.

Provides all the essential amino acids

balanced diet

Essential amino acids are the one that the body cannot produce and you get them from a special diet. Quinoa is a complete protein as it provides all the essential amino acids to the body as compared to various plant foods that lack certain amino acids.

Improves metabolic health

metabolic health

Including quinoa in your diet provides good quantity of beneficial nutrients to the body and improves metabolic health. Use quinoa in place of gluten free pastas and bread to reduce sugar, triglyceride levels and insulin that harm the body.

Helps in weight loss

Helps in weight loss

Certain beneficial properties of quinoa help in losing weight by reducing the appetite and boosting metabolism. The high amount of protein and fiber gives a feeling of fullness encouraging you to eat less calories overall.

Ways to include quinoa in everyday diet

everyday diet

Quinoa is quick to boil, good to taste and makes a perfect breakfast when cooked with broth.Use quinoa in whole grain salad or chicken salad mixed with olive oil, cucumber and lemon juice. You can enjoy quinoa stuffed with vegetables, garlic, seasoning and cashews to make a healthy and nutritious meal.

Quinoa delivers great health benefits being high in iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. Containing all nine essential amino acids necessary for building muscles, it contributes to a healthy diet and makes you look slim by reducing body fat. It is suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians as it has no animal byproducts but contain only the desirable proteins and fiber.

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