Derma Fillers and Storage Units: Benefits, Safekeeping and More!

As we get older, fats and collagen in the face start to break down. But worry no more as dermal fillers can solve your problem. Dermal fillers fill in those creased or sunken areas in the face. Who would have thought that age will be going to be just a number and never be a bothersome part of life? Thanks to this procedure, it is ideal for those who want to look younger but are not willing to undergo plastic surgery.


How can dermal fillers help you to become younger looking? Well, this treatment is quick and effective. Your surgeon will help you choose the right filler for you. Treatment time is usually less than an hour, and the results are immediate. Your youthful look will last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. When it’s time for a top up, you can go to the clinic and get the treatment done quickly. To assure that you, as their client, be able to receive only the top quality treatment, their fillers are kept in those great storage units.

There are different kinds of dermal fillers. These are Hyaluronic acid, human fat, and collagen. Hyaluronic acid can be used in the cheek areas to supplant lost fat that’s making you look gaunt and tired. Human fat is a good option for those with severe allergies as their body will not react to their tissues. And Collagen is a popular option for those who want to maintain their looks after facial plastic surgery or facelift.

Most patients who get dermal fillers are between 30 and 60 years old. Those who think that their skin has lost its elasticity may also get it. Older patients whose skin has lost enough elasticity may not get their desired results. The surgeon will need to review his patient’s medical history to make sure that he or she is not undergoing any treatment or on any medication that might interfere with the injection.

Dermal fillers last about a year. That is why derma clinic owners ensure their client that they will only be receiving top of the quality fillers. How? They have a special place to store their fillers. And this is where storage units became a genuinely reliable place to save these precious.


It has been one of the debated topics whether they should store unused derma fillers or not. It is known that this treatment has been one of the essential components in the field of cosmetic dermatology. As every patient has different needs when it comes to this procedure, sometimes the fillers are not entirely consumed. It is a great challenge for the cosmetic dermatologist as well as derma clinics on how they will be able to reuse and safely store these fillers. Good to know that storing is no longer a problem. It is because there are reliable storage units are available.

But people are still in doubt of having their derma fillers kept in storage units. It is said that reusing those fillers kept is exposed to potential infectious complications. Anyone that hears that will surely get worried. However, one should not worry if there is a study at its back, proving for its safety. Studies show that there are no infections that are associated if dermal fillers will be reused. These fillers, whichever of its types are safe. There is only a minimal risk of infection in connection with the use of stored fillers.

If you value your client’s welfare, it is best that you value the safekeeping of these kinds of products. What should you take into consideration in storing these fillers? Well, make sure that it has the right temperature and should also be a clean environment. If you are one of those who is in the field of cosmetic dermatology, better keep track of the storage life and the type of filler that you keep. So you would know whether this particular product is still can be used or have been way past from proper time that it should be consummated. Having storage units is handy and is worth it.

You can use People Search to look for a reliable clinic that offers dermal fillers as well as the storage units for it. Be wise in your search and be great to finally found a truly worthy of investment, storage units for your dermal fillers.

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