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Say goodbye to the snore monster with these effective tips

Snoring can be quite an embarrassing problem for you as well as your partner. It has led to the breakup of many a marriage and relationship as well. A person who snores loudly could also face social problems, and risk being ignored or snubbed on more than one occasion for night parties. If you find yourself at the receiving end of the same treatments owing to your loud snore, then here are some excellent tips that would help you control snoring effectively.

Stop drinking alcohol

 Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol consumption is considered as one of the main reasons for snoring in individuals. It tends to reduce the resting tone of the muscles located at the back of your neck, thus making them reverberate loudly when you sleep. This comes out as a very loud snore that would be truly annoying to anyone around you. So stop drinking altogether, if not at least before bedtime to stop snoring.

Drink lots of water

Portrait of young man with glass of water

A dry nose and throat will definitely cause you to snore pretty loudly. So keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluids at regular intervals. A healthy limit is at least 11 or more cups of water a day if you suffer from snoring.

Lose weight

 loose weight

Obesity has been linked to snoring in many individuals. So if you notice that your snoring problems have increased after putting on weight, then you would have no other go but reduce it.

Shower in Hot water before bed


Not only will this calm your nerves and induce a deeper sleep, but it would also clear out nasal blockages in your nose and throat, thus air pass in and out of your lungs without any obtrusions. This will help reduce snoring to a great extent.

Eat sleep inducing foods

 lady consuming milk

Eating foods that induce sound sleep will help you reduce snoring to a great extent. Most of these foods will help relieve congestion in the nasal passages as well, thus curbing snoring effectively. Some foods that you can consider having before bedtime every day include soy milk, honey, fish and tea.

Change sleeping positions

 Sexy young woman is sleeping in her bed. Girl in lingerie on the

Maybe you tend to snore more when sleeping in a particular position. Since you cannot figure this out yourself, ask your partner to keep a note of how you sleep and when you snore the loudest. If merely changing positions reduces the issue, you can consider changing sleeping positions. For instance, sleeping on the back can cause some to snore loudly. If you experience the same, then you can thwart this by sleeping sideways.

Reduce allergens in the bedroom area

 lady in bedroom

Some people snore due to allergic reactions caused by dust mites and other allergens in the sleeping area. Dust mites are known to collect on the pillows and bed sheets. So have them cleaned and replaced regularly. Sweep the bedroom regularly and keep it free of dust mites as well in order to stop snoring while sleeping.

Get rid of dry air in the room

 Girl reading book on the background of humidifier

In some cases, if the air in the bedroom tends to become very dry, it may dehydrate your nose and throat, thus leading to snoring. Invest in a good quality humidifier that would keep the air in your room moist. This, in turn, would keep your nasal passages moist as well, thus curbing snoring effectively.

Use nasal strips

 snore monster  (1)

If nothing seems to work out, consider using nasal strips to keep your nose taped open. Although odd to look at, these strips can lift your nostrils and keep the nasal passages in your nose and throat wide open, thus preventing blockages that may lead to snoring.

Snoring can be a very embarrassing problem to deal with. If you find yourself snoring loudly while asleep, consider opting for some home remedies to treat the condition. From eating the right foods, stopping alcohol consumption and keeping yourself hydrated to using nasal strips, these remedies will help you curb snoring once and for all.

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