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Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

Guide on best way to lose weight- circadian diet, tips

There are many ways to lose weight. People opt for different ways due to differences in their mindset. Diet, pills, supplements, exercise, and surgery are some of the primary ways to lose weight. People all around the globe opt for these ways when it comes to weight reduction. Not all the ways are equally beneficial in terms of health, side effects, effectiveness, and speediness.

Are you following the circadian diet?

Intermittent Fasting

It is time to analyze weight gain causes beyond the conventional explanation of calorie in and calorie out. Recent research flowing in shows when you eat matters more in your weight gain than what you eat. The underlying reason– our circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. The regular cycle of exposure to light and darkness that we follow affects our immune and metabolic system. Let us take the intermittent fasting trend which has been the rage for quite some time. Many studies confirm it is not the 12-14 fasting hours that helped in weight loss but the hours of eating and fasting in sync with the sun’s clock. We need to focus on our circadian health by tuning our lifestyle to a healthy circadian rhythm.

Studies suggest consuming a major portion of calories during daytime helps in better weight loss

Mounting evidences suggest following a “circadian diet” that is eating during the day time when there is enough natural light, enhances digestion than eating at night.  When you are focusing on portion size, you might be neglecting this important fact of dieting. Your body is more efficient in calorie burning during the day than at night.

Studies released the last few months have shown how eating earlier in the day, for example, the breakfast triggers fat burning and helps in better blood glucose regulation. This morning feed gives you more energy to remain active which does not happen during the evening.

Obesity and weight gain are linked with eating more calories at night

man eating calories at night

Studies suggest that specific time of the day influences our energy balance and body weight. In the evening, our appetite regulation remains low. Eating late meals disrupt our circadian rhythm and that might be the reason we do not feel like exercising in the morning. A study also found out evening eating is mostly associated with consuming low quality foods.

Having dinner early may help in burning fat

There have been striking revelations from recent studies:

  • Eating dinner at 10.00 pm instead of 6 pm can affect your body’s ability to burn fat and blood sugar levels regardless of calorie intake.
  • The peak blood sugar level of late night diners is 20% higher and fat reduction 10% lower than those who took dinners early.

More you consume calories more you gain weight – explaining weight gain is not so simple. While there is no harm in healthy dieting, it is recommended to follow your “Circadian diet” and “light eat” in true sense. Regular sleeping hours count as well. Our body is able to process our energy best when we maintain regular sleep habits or follow a definite circadian rhythm.

Few other weight loss tips are provided below:

Best Way to Lose Weight  Diet

Dieting is the Best Way to Lose Weight

Dieting is the Best Way to Lose Weight. It is the complete package when you are looking to lose weight in a healthy manner without gaining any side effects with complete effectiveness and speedy results. Saying dieting is the best way of losing weight won’t make it the best option. Let us determine how diet is the best option when it comes to weight loss by comparing it to other options.

Supplements and Pills They are highly effective and speedy in delivering weight loss results. However, you might have to suffer from permanent side effects such as disturbed bodily functions or allergy. It is not a healthy way of losing weight.

Exercise It is a healthy way of losing weight without gaining any side effects. The effectiveness level is lower which leads to a longer time period to lose weight.

Surgery “ It is a good option only for those who wish to lose massive weight. Surgery must only be considered when there is no other way left.

Diet  It is healthy, speedy, effective, and delivers no side effects. All you need to do is to make few alterations to your current diet plan by eliminating unhealthy foods (sugar, oil & processed foods) and adding healthy foods (vegetables, lean meats, whole grains & fruits). Changing from the way you eat to what you eat is basically known as dieting.

Diets are of several types. Liquid-based diet, plant food-based diet and meat-based diets are the 3 main types of diets. You may choose the one which is suitable for you.

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