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Obesity can make you look far older than your real age

Much has been said about the ill effects of obesity but there is more to the story than meets bare eyes. People who are obese as a general rule look older than their natural age. This is because obesity has the power of ruining 20 years of human life with illnesses. Obese people are prone to several chronic diseases. Scientists have recently found that if nothing is done to reduce the ill effects of obesity then one can lose 8 years of their life easily to it.

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The scientists and researchers have studied the chromosomal clock of obese people and also that of the chain-smokers. They have found that obesity damages health more than smoking which can lead to cancer. Regular exercise and healthy diet are the two things that can help people stay fitter and combat obesity.

Obesity is one of the main reasons behind heart diseases and diabetes. Once an individual is diagnosed with such chronic and dangerous diseases their life expectancy and chances of leading a healthy life both decreases. People whose BMI is more than 35 lose one to 8 years of their life to obesity. To keep the Body Mass Index number on the right side of the danger zone one has to eat according to their height and physical needs.

A certain amount of calories has to be consumed throughout the day. To make it easier for the body to digest food and utilize the calories the dieticians advise to break the diet into several mini meals. Eat 5 to 7 mini meals throughout the day to keep your body nourished without overeating.

Sedentary lifestyle is the biggest enemy of the modern generation. In offices and at home we just sit in front of the laptop or desktop computer and work endlessly. Due to stress of work, we do not remember to eat healthy, low calorie foods. Most of the office employees just go out and grab a burger or sandwich for lunch with several cups of Espresso. Suppressing hunger leads to overeating and the absence of healthy meal plans can make one prone to eating lots of rubbish.

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This reduces the good effects of exercising and diet. By eating a plate full of red meat you can regain the calories that you had painstakingly burnt throughout the week by exercising. Beating obesity is a very tough task unless or until we change our lifestyle. Changes have to be planned and implemented with utmost care. Evaluate the different obstacles that keep you from following a healthy diet and then plan how you can get past those hurdles.

A survey done quite recently shows that among ten children who take admission in primary school in the UK at least one is overweight or obese. Obesity can also rob the children off good health and reduce their life expectancy. Around 22.5 % children in UK have been found to be obese or at the verge of becoming overweight. Parents have less time these days to prepare healthy meals at home and the children are surviving on store bought and packaged foods which offer nothing but lots of useless calories. Children are also becoming obsessed with tech gadgets and they don’t participate in outdoor activities like before. This is another reason why obesity is spreading like a vile disease among children.

Becoming overweight at an early age is worse because it increases the chances of chronic diseases and affects the life choices of young individuals. To prevent weight from being one of the most powerful factors of your life, you have to take the charge of your life. Only strong determination and perseverance can help you lose weight.

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