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Could bulletproof coffee be the viable alternative for good old coffee?

There are innumerable coffee lovers throughout the world but off lately something has started taking its place. It is a simple addition of butter to coffee. Yes, you read it right, it is butter that is added to coffee and the resulting drink is known as “Bulletproof Coffee.” It is the recent morning trend that is being considered as healthy, and this is why it is taking the world of coffee lovers by storm.

The advocates of bulletproof coffee claim that it is a bang-on combination that offers lasting energy level to the consumer and helps fight weight loss pretty effectively. However, many doubt this newfound fad, and want to find out the truth behind this much-touted latest invention. If you also relate to the group that doubts this new invention, then read further as this article intends to enlighten you all on the real nature and type of the bulletproof coffee concept.

What is bulletproof coffee?

Dave Asprey who is an entrepreneur and a health blogger is the mastermind of this new form of coffee. He mentioned it in his blog back in 2009, but the popularity that this term got is relatively recent. Bulletproof coffee is a drink, which is a combination of black coffee, grass-fed butter, and medium-chain triglyceride oil. Entrepreneurs and athletes worldwide love bulletproof coffee, as it boosts cognitive performance, stamina, and helps weight loss.

The Pros

The type of coffee used in bulletproof coffee is mycotoxin free and is organic, which is a major plus point in this drink. The grass-fed butter is a healthy butter that pushes the coffee to a healthier side. Grass fed butter is organic, and the other benefits include the vitamins A, E, and K present in it. The oil that we put in bulletproof coffee is the MCT oil, which is beneficial for our body.

MCT oil has properties that are extremely helpful in the fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s. This oil is easily metabolized by human body, which means it does not get stored as fat.

The Cons

The proponents of bulletproof coffee claim that the drink is filling and serves as a proper breakfast. However, the drink is noticeably missing in fiber content, which obviously makes that claim a dud.


Bulletproof coffee even today is amidst controversies, as some people believe in its goodness while the others question its goodness.

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