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Hi, I am twenty years old. My skin is very oily. Friend of mine told me about homemade facials to help oily skin appear healthy and smooth. I have heard that fruit facials are great for oily skin. I want to know is it true? And what all fruits I can us

Hi, I am twenty five years old. I have an acne prone skin. Acne breakouts are common for my skin type. I am looking for a good and effective cleanser for my skin. I read reviews about Gm Collin cleanser. The reviews were good. I just want to know anyon

The skin is always slightly oily for its protection and sweating is a natural occurence. But what do you do if these are out of control? Our experts offer their hints and tips to help you.

take freah fruits and air to breath

take freah fruits and air to breath

if there is so much bounty and abundance in nature,then i dont understand that why do people use chemical substances in beauty products that can in turn harm your skin in the long term .why cannot we use herbs and then see what are the benefits that c

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