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Smooth things over: Ways to make your pores look smaller

Pores Look Smaller (3)

Pores on the skin, especially the face can be off-putting. The pores are small and they shouldn’t be showing, but in some of us, these are really noticeable. There is no real remedy besides seeing a dermatologist – this was what I was told first when I informed my sister about the pores developing on my face.

Recently, though I learnt that there are some ways to make these pores look smaller and unnoticeable; none of the tips below are time consuming so you can try them easily.

Exfoliate as frequently as possible

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Pores become largely visible when dust and sebum begins to settle on them. Since you want to remove all the dry cells on the pore’s surface and want to clean them inside out, exfoliating often is the best idea. You can use a combination facial scrubs and chemical exfoliants regularly. While physical exfoliantshelp clear the pore on the outside, chemical exfolians can get deep into the pores helping you clean them from within.

Use charcoal face wash

Pores look large with accumulation of oil in them. Accumulation of oils and dust causes inflation in pores and expands their structure making the ever so visible. The easiest way to suck out all the oils from the pores is to use charcoal face wash. Charcoal face wash can bind itself to the oil in the pores and extract it out.

Always wear sunscreen before moving out of the house

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Slightest exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA rays can damage the skin and decrease the process of cell production. If the cell production rate is slowed, the skin has to work harder to heal and it begins to thicken making the pores on the face look bigger.

Use primer before foundation

Wearing makeup can be a good way to hide pores. Makeup can camouflage the appearance of pores and foundation is the best product at doing so. According to dermatologists, it is advisable to apply primer before applying foundation to have a better concealing effect.

It’s your skin, always be gentle on it

Whether you’re cleansing, exfoliating or just washing your skin, be very gentle with it. Harsh treatment of the skin can lead to roughness and damaged skin. Damaged skin means more visible pores.

It important to exfoliate and scrub the face often to ensure your pores don’t develop grime and remain concealed. Be really gentle on the skin during cleansing or exfoliating, so that you don’t end up expanding the pores.

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