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Maintaining proper documentation


Understanding your health insurance plan and their guidelines is very essential. Further to that, whenever there is a need for a medical service, you can follow those guidelines and obtain the benefits. There are different types of plans and different rules for each plan.

If you plan to use a network hospital, you can utilize the services and the insurance company can pay for it. This is like managed health care and the facility which you use is called cashless. However, if you choose to pay for the services and then claim for compensation, it is called medical reimbursement.

Tips for maintaining documentation

  • Usually, you need to provide medical case papers since the beginning of the complaint. It is from the first time the doctor saw the case and started treatment. These should be supported with relevant investigation reports, doctor’s advice, medical prescriptions and their bills.
  • Following this, in case the condition was not cured and a decision regarding surgery was taken, you need papers and certificates from the treating doctor as regards the patient’s complaints and indications for surgery.
  • For any pre-operative investigations, medicines and other medical services you need to produce their respective advice, papers and bills.
  • During the hospital stay the medical team takes makes a note of all the medical service utilized by the patient. You need to take a copy of all those documents like indoor case papers, surgeon’s notes, etc.
  • Also submit the papers, advice and bills for any medical investigations and prescriptions used during that period.
  • While taking discharge from the hospital, you need the discharge card, discharge summary and other instructions. These need to be submitted as well.
  • During bill payment, make sure you get a bill for the charges and special charges like those of anesthetists, physiotherapists, etc and receipt for the payment of all those.
  • You will be required to submit all the papers in original, expect the hospital indoor papers. Make sure you keep a copy of all those papers for your future reference and then submit the original.


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