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Global Healthcare Insurance Guide and Articles by Drprem.com insights on to opt for right health insurance that covers all treatment in India and globally.

<![CDATA[ As we have already seen the importance of health insurance, it is essential that people should be insured with health insurance companies and avail the financial support as well as be responsible for their […]

<![CDATA[ The global work environment has increased the awareness for employee protection and need for safeguarding health. In order to provide health insurance to the employees and to protect the organizations from the losses, workmen

  When you are looking for a health insurance plan, it is important to know your requirements, your eligibility and the kind of cover that you can receive. If you are working for an organization,

Life Insurance

Third Party administrators (TPA), as the name suggests act as third party facilitators and managers for the health insurance policies. They are the administrators that function between the insurer (insurance company) and the insured (who


  Insurance terms can sound complicated at times. Moreover, you may wonder about the need for different insurance plans. If health insurance deals with health, how does it differ from life insurance?   Health insurance

Health Insurance

<![CDATA[ Health insurance serves as an assurance for several medical illnesses and emergencies. With the increasing health awareness in the society, more and more people are opting for a health insurance. This provides them with

If you are planning to buy a medical insurance plan, it is important that you first understand how the medical insurance system works. It is necessary for you to study the medical insurance plan, the


  Life is unpredictable and one never knows how and when some medical illnesses or emergencies may spring up. In unforeseen medical emergencies, the medical services required are extremely expensive. The person suffering may have

Health Insurance

<![CDATA[ Health insurance or medical insurance is an assurance to protect a person from any financial losses arising due to medical illnesses or emergencies. Many medical illnesses and sometimes disabilities are covered under health insurance

  You must be aware of the present day situation and the uncertainty in every aspect of health and life. While many people are being haunted by the thought of the expenses that can incur

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