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As we have already seen the importance of health insurance, it is essential that people should be insured with health insurance companies and avail the financial support as well as be responsible for their own health. Apart from the importance and support, there are many other benefits of having a health insurance policy.


Some of them are:


  • The payment made towards health insurance can be claimed for saving tax with the national authorities.
  • While you have to pay for the insurance facility, the financial support offered by them is huge when it comes to medical emergencies.
  • Critical illness policies can help you cover specific critical diseases, thereby providing you with a huge sum of money in case you suffer from any of those diseases.
  • Claim free period, i.e. if you do not claim for insurance for some years, it adds as a bonus to your credit and can help in lowering your premium charges.
  • For network hospitals, there is no need to pay any money and you can avail a cashless facility.
  • In some cases like surgeries, a specified period before and after the operation is also covered. Consultation, diagnostics, etc are the services often covered in this pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization period.



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