Health insurance plans


Health insurance serves as an assurance for several medical illnesses and emergencies. With the increasing health awareness in the society, more and more people are opting for a health insurance. This provides them with a sense of security and actually aids them in their financial needs to tackle with unforeseen medical conditions. There are different options where people can buy the insurance plans as an individual or as a group for family members, etc. Many corporate companies also provide this medical insurance facility for their employees, under which the employees are insured and can also include their family members.

They various types of a health insurance plan are:

  •          Mediclaim


The company in return bears the costs incurred on your healthcare services. This includes expenses on hospitalization, consultation, diagnostics, medicines, rehabilitation and other medical expenses depending on the policy guidelines.


  •          Critical illness insurance plan –


Like any other medical insurance, the insured pays a premium for the critical illness plan also. In return, the insurance company pays for the specific disease covered under the policy. If in case there is an event where in the insured is diagnosed of one of those critical illnesses, the insurance company will pay a onetime total sum to the insured. After this, the policy no longer remains in action.


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