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Global Healthcare Insurance Guide and Articles by Drprem.com insights on to opt for right health insurance that covers all treatment in India and globally.

Medical reimbursement is availing the medical service and paying for the same for your pocket. You can then claim for the expenses to your health insurance company by submitting the relevant documents. When you pay […]

Stopping Medical Mistakes

In cashless medical service, you do not pay anything yourself. Your health insurance company pays for the same to your healthcare provider. This facility is present only for network hospitals as they are tied up

After you have chosen a health insurance plan, you can follow their instructions and guidelines. But it is necessary that you understand their guidelines clearly before opting for any health insurance claim. The insurance policy

opt for the best health insurance plan

After you have gathered all the related information, you can sit down and assess each policy that you have learnt about. You can then shortlist some health plans that appeal to you and your needs.


  Before choosing a health insurance policy, it is necessary to make a thorough research of all the available plans and work them out in accordance with your requirements. 1. Your requirements You can talk


While you should know the services provide by your insurance policy, it is more important to know what your health policy does not cover. Some services or facilities are excluded by the insurance companies and


There are various reasons for which a person needs to avail medical services. They could range from simple cold and fever to something as serious an organ transplant. While availing any of these services, you


  Medical insurance companies agree to pay for your healthcare costs. They are thus promising to aid you financially when you require medical need. This means that they need to bear the expenses and they


There are various healthcare services covered under medical insurance and they differ according to the type of policy. The different types of plans have different rules and it is important that you are aware of

When the health insurance company agrees to pay for your healthcare costs, in return, you pay fees in the form of a premium. The payment of premium depends on many factors and may vary accordingly.

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