There are various reasons for which a person needs to avail medical services. They could range from simple cold and fever to something as serious an organ transplant. While availing any of these services, you come across doctor’s consultation, investigations, medicines, etc. Most of these services are covered under your health insurance policy.

However, there may be a few items that are categorized differently. They are not considered as medicines or services. For example, a person undergoes a surgery and there is a need to use some artificial aid like bandages. Such items are categorized as consumables. They remain with the patient long after the surgery and can be used as required. Some examples of consumables are bandages, splints, implants, prosthesis, artificial attachments, etc.  Materials used for rehabilitation like crutches; walker, hearing aids, etc also fall in this group. The need to use consumables can also be a matter of concern for the insured. Many health insurance policies do not cover the expenses on consumables.

While your insurance policy may cover various healthcare services and have best hospitals in their network, it is possible that there are many things that are not covered in the policy. It is therefore essential that you read your policy very carefully and understand the technical and terms that can hide the real meaning. Get yourself clarified about the doubts regarding such consumables at the time of signing up with a health insurance policy.

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