Pre existing conditions


Medical insurance companies agree to pay for your healthcare costs. They are thus promising to aid you financially when you require medical need. This means that they need to bear the expenses and they are concerned about their financial status also. Hence they make certain provisions, under which the insured while filing a claim needs to meet the criteria of eligibility decided by the insurance company.

Pre-existing conditions

The medical conditions that are already present before enrolling into a health insurance policy are considered as pre-existing conditions. If you are already suffering from some illnesses, you are sure to require more medical care in future. This increases the burden on the insurance companies and they often make such pre-existing medical conditions as a part of their exclusions.

The conditions can be like allergies, asthma, heart diseases, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions that are commonly found in a large percentage across the world.

Preexisting conditions: As exclusions

Although there are laws governing this situation, in many cases, it still may cause problems to the insured. In such cases, insurance companies may not consider the person eligible for an insurance policy or may charge more in the form of premiums.

As per the regulations, if such people are enrolled in the insurance policy, it may be decided that the policy will not cover any expenses related to the pre-existing conditions. Sometimes there may be an exclusion period for healthcare services related to those pre-existing diseases. Under the exclusion period, the insured may have to wait for a specific time period before claiming for healthcare costs incurred on any of the pre-existing conditions. During this period, they cannot claim for healthcare services related to the preexisting conditions. The time period varies with different companies and policies.

It is therefore considered best to get a health insurance cover when in a healthy state and comparatively earlier during life.

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