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Tips for choosing a health insurance policy


After you have gathered all the related information, you can sit down and assess each policy that you have learnt about. You can then shortlist some health plans that appeal to you and your needs. Further evaluation and discussion with the company executives can help you in choosing a health insurance policy that you would like to buy for yourself and your family.

Some tips

  •          Compare rates of different policies
  •          Choose a reputable insurance company
  •          Understand your requirements
  •          Select a plan that covers the basic medical services
  •          Understand the policy guidelines
  •          Enquire about the network hospitals and the panel doctors
  •          Consider your medical status and the possible risk of diseases
  •          Plan for health insurance for yourself and for your family
  •          Remember to plan the policy keeping the future in mind
  •          Be honest about your medical condition
  •          Be responsible about your health and turn to insurance only when required

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