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Ironically enough, weight loss drugs are fueling obesity

Gone are the days when people used to actually get things done the hard way. This includes losing weight, which was mostly accomplished with regular diets and exercises. Losing weight has nowadays become a fad which people want to accomplish in a quick, easy and effortless manner.

The weight loss pill


Enter the weight loss pill, the quintessential medication that guarantees weight loss in a very short span of time without the need to even move a muscle or forego your favorite snacks. The market is literally overridden with these pills that promise quick and effective results. And we tend to see a lot of people opting for these pills in a bid to lose weight desperately irrespective of the possible side effects involved.

Do weight loss pills really work


The majority of weight loss pills out there claim that they can help individuals lose weight effectively. However, studies state otherwise. If these pills work as promise, why would we have skyrocketing obesity rates in many countries today? Wouldn’t these pills need to work in reducing obesity in individuals? Isn’t it their job to do so? Maybe not.

Misconceptions surrounding the Weight Loss Pill


Experts believe that there are many misconceptions surrounding the weight loss pill which prompt individuals to use them without actually knowing how they work. Hence, by opting for these pills, many individuals actually tend to gain weight instead of lose it. According to recent study, here are some possible reasons why.

Weight loss pills undermine motivation


Weight loss pills undermine an individual’s motivation to diet, work out and adopt a healthier lifestyle to lose weight considerably. Experts believe that having a weight loss pill in their hands would prompt individuals to forgo all these practices and simply rely on the medication to lose weight. In addition to changing their entire mentality of losing weight the healthy way, this would cause myriad health related issues in the body in the long run. Individuals who rely on these pills will inadvertently stop dieting and start eating more unhealthy foods that could fuel obesity in the long run.

Study conducted to test the link between weight loss pills and obesity


A study was recently conducted to determine exactly how a weight loss pill would promote obesity in an individual. The participants of the study were divided into two groups. Both groups were given access to a bowl of fat rich chocolate cookies. One of the groups had been previously informed about a new weight loss pill that would reduce body fat significantly.

The results of the study are as follows. It was noted that the group that had not been informed about the pill ate the cookies with caution, stopping at just one or two per person. However, the group that had information about the mystery diet pill ended up binge eating, with some members eating almost 30 cookies at a stretch.

The study also revealed that the participants of the weight loss pill group were not at all worried about the fattening effects of the cookies as long as they believed the pill would help them shed all the fat they had just consumed.

This clearly shows that individuals who are more dependent on weight loss pills tend to gain weight at a faster rate than those who don’t. The study also revealed that those who believed the effectiveness of the pill could potentially adopt unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits without even realizing what they are getting into.

Hence, it is to be noted that no matter what a weight loss pill claims to do, the best way to lose weight would be to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Experts urge individuals to skip these weight loss pills and opt for the more natural weight loss methods in order to achieve their purpose instead of becoming more vulnerable to conditions like obesity.


A lot of people are opting for weight loss pills in order to lose weight these days. Several studies indicate that these weight loss pills can do the opposite and fuel obesity in individuals. Hence, it is considered advisable to opt for a proper diet and workout routine to lose weight the natural way instead of getting addicted to weight loss pills and gaining weight.

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