Healthy trends in food that you should follow

At New Years Eve, many of us take vows to follow better diet and health routines but most of us are unable to adhere to them. A buzzing social life, hectic work schedules and lack of time keep us from eating nutritious healthy foods. Instead of following a particular stringent and strict diet routine that we are bound to break, we should try to include more healthy foods and choose wisely.

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Don’t just count calories but also think about the consequences of your binge bites. Some food trends are changing the perception about diet and healthy eating. Healthy eating is only possible if you make positive changes in your entire lifestyle. In the following the best food trends have been discussed so that you can make informed choices.



Pronounced as ‘keen-wa,’ quinoa is a food grain loved by peasants who live in the villages at the High Andes region. The healthy and crunchy wholegrain is a good choice for health conscious people. You can eat it as a main dish and make salads with it. Quinoa is gluten free yet offers sufficient amounts of proteins to your body. Make a side dish using scallops and quinoa or buy quinoa flour for making cakes.

Clean Eating:

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The simplest of all eating trends is clean eating. It does not consist of complex routines and calorie counting but preaches the practitioners to make healthier choices like cutting down salt and sugar intake, opting for wholegrain options and reducing the amount of processed foods. In fast food stalls and restaurants, you get food made with processed wheat and sugar, which is harmful for the health. Pack lunches and try to cook more often at home for avoiding extra fat, proteins and calories. Clean eating is not a trend rather a healthy choice for you to make.

Trash Fish:

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If you count on fingers the names of favorite seafood, you will find that the list is pretty small. Cod, Salmon and halibut are some of the favorite fishes that we love to have for meals. The other fishes that are caught in the fishnet of the fishermen get turned into compost. Some of these trash fish are also returned to the sea itself. The gourmet chefs are now giving more attention to these fishes and making mouthwatering dishes with them. If you cook fish like wolf eel and sea robin the right way, you will find that they are both delicious and nutritious.

Cook cauliflowers more often:

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Cauliflowers are the new beloved veggie of the health conscious clans around the world. This vegetable offers a creamy texture to the vegetable soups and can be cooked in a variety of ways. You can stir fry the cauliflowers, roast them or even bake them. Cauliflowers are also loaded with nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron.

Going meat less:

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Many this years have stopped eating meat and dairy products. Some of them have done this due to their faith and beliefs but others are adapting this trend for better health. Animal cruelty is on the rise in our planet and it is a great thing to show your support for animals by replacing meat with a vegan diet. It will also help in cutting down the toxin intake.

Organic Food:

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Organic food is really beneficial for our health as it does not consist of any pesticides and fertilizers. Organic vegetables are cultivated without using any harmful chemicals and organic meats do not contain growth hormones or genetically modified ingredients. In the past one year more people have started buying and preferring organic foods.

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