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Benefits of eating natural foods and maintaining a balanced diet

Fructose Diet

We have become so accustomed to processed foods that it is difficult for us to differentiate natural foods from it. Hectic lifestyle does not permit us to buy organic foods and cook them with fresh ingredients at home. Heating packaged foods, fries, and eating pre-cooked store-bought meals have become the norm.

Such packaged foods boast of having sufficient nutrients but in reality, they only give us calories and nothing else. Natural foods are good because they have fewer amounts of pollutants and more nutrients. Organic foods promote well being and they are eco-friendly. In the following, you will find some of the vital reasons why we need to consume more natural foods and maintain a balanced diet.

Understanding natural foods 

Food processed in factories, polished, treated chemically or entirely man-made foodstuff like noodles, cookies, and bread are not natural. They are varieties of processed foods that may not harm our physiological system but do not offer all the vital nutrients that we need. The natural nutrients of fruits and vegetables can rejuvenate the organs and help them function properly. Well, functioning vital organs promote good health and well-being.

Improved productivity 

It has been found in scientific research that unhealthy eating habits and malnutrition are the main reasons behind a lack of concentration. The brain is just like a machine that needs fuel in the form of nutrients for functioning properly. The consumption of unhealthy foods can deprive the brain of the nutrients that it needs. Healthy foods on the other hand can revitalize the brain cells and prevent toxin damage so that our brain functions better. A healthy brain allows us to work with more concentration and finish work faster.

Less mood swings

Hunger pangs make us cranky and so do bad food habits. Our system needs the right amount of sugar for us to feel good. Dopamine is a compound produced inside our body that regulates our moods. More dopamine means a better mood. A single banana contains around 10 mg of dopamine. Eating bananas everyday can improve your moods. If you have cravings for sweets, then make dark chocolates a part of your life. It contains polyphenol that triggers the production of serotonin. Serotonin is another neuro-transmitter responsible for lifting moods.

Relieves stress 

Stress is almost inherent for our generation. It is conducted from the mother to a fetus. Only a healthy lifestyle and diet can help in countering even a serious lifestyle hazard like stress. Excessive stress affects our organs and weakens them. It also affects the brain and makes one feel depressed. Eat natural foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, and magnesium as they can help you cope with stress. Fish, dairy products and nuts are rich sources of these nutrients.

Look beautiful for a long time 

Who does not want to look younger? Every year women spend millions of bucks worldwide for looking younger than their age. The main reason our organs and skin ages after a certain age are free radicals. The free radicals can be reduced by antioxidants. Everyday you should eat veggies and fruits that offer an abundant amount of antioxidants for combating the free radicals.

Weight management

Processed foods are fattening yet do not give us the necessary nutrition. Drink more water and curb the soda intake. Also, eat healthy veggie stripes with curd dip instead of chips and cream dip. When you make healthier choices then you naturally tend to lose weight. Don’t just eat natural foods but also follow a strict diet regimen of five to seven small meals everyday.

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