Exercising vigorously can be good for mental health

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Exercise is good not only for your cardiovascular health but also for your brain. Researchers from the University of Bristol have come up with this finding after analyzing data from a 10-year follow-up of 1,158 middle-aged British men.

As per the findings of this study, men indulging in regular vigorous exercises like running, soccer, etc. were less prone to mental disorders like depression and anxiety. However, the benefits of vigorous exercises were perceptible just over the next 5 years and not at the 10-year mark.

Still, on the basis of this study it could be said that exercise is no less than a tonic for mental health. Actually, this is not for the first time when importance of exercise over mental health has been shown because several studies conducted have also come up with similar conclusions. To know about that go through the following studies:

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Apart from these studies, too we can understand that how exercise keep mind healthy. As mentioned in this, study that exercise prevents problems like depression and stress, this somewhere also shows that exercise helps keeping mind sharp too by preventing brain from the wrath of depression and stress because it has been proved that mental stress or depression plays havoc with mental health by killing brain cells. However, if we give equal weightage to brain exercises like playing videogames, solving puzzles, etc. then too we can add to our mental health because brain-training helps keeping mind sharp. In addition, we should not forget that in order enjoy overall health it is important to have healthy mind because it is healthy mind that leads to healthy body.


Via: Xinhua Net

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