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Her biggest weakness turned into her biggest strength

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Her father named her Maya. She was born to her parents after almost ten years of marriage so her parents adored her. The doctors told her mother that she could not give birth to another baby but she was happy. Maya was all she could ever ask for; she was the apple of her eye. As soon she was fifteen years old people in the neighborhood started making comments that she still had a body of an eight year old. Maya would feel bad whenever someone told her parents that they should take her to a physician, as her height was still the same. The doctor told them that their daughter was suffering from dwarfism. She had to live a life like that and she sure needed her parents by her side all her life.

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Maya’s father was worried about his beautiful daughter. Maya even saw him crying one day when she came back from school. Her mother at once took her to another room, as she does not want her to feel bad about the way she looked. Even at school kids used to make fun of her. Maya hated them but she was helpless since she could do nothing but cry.

Her only friend Nikita who used to live in the neighborhood always gave her the strength. “It really does not matter what people say as you are a beautiful person and I know that” Nikita had said once when she saw Maya crying. That day a boy who was a spoilt brat had said something that hurt Maya.

Everyday tasks were always a big deal for Maya until the day her mother told her that she had to fight and prove everyone wrong. She was simply unique. She saw her mother crying for the first time in her life. She made a promise to herself that she would live up to the expectation of her parents.

Time went by, things that used to hurt her became a way of life for Maya. She would feel strange when she did not hear remark or see someone laughing at her. However, her world was different at home. She was a princess for her parents who did not care about anything else.

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When Maya told her parents that she would go to regular college to be graduate, they looked at each other. They knew that it meant many more harsh comments from others. Maya’s father had tears in her eyes when he finally agreed to send her to college. Her friend Nikita was always there to support her.

When Maya went to college, she was on the top of world. She did not even get to know that every single person was staring at her and making stupid comments. She had made her parents proud but she had something else on her mind. Her dream was to be a professor someday. Her friend Nikita could not take her eyes off her when she first told her about her dream. She was always ready to help her.

When both the girls finished their college, Maya decided to study further but she could not get support of her best friend. Nikita’s parents got her married. It first came as a shock to Maya who had never imagined her life without her only friend. She was her only support in the outside world but she had no other option but to move on.

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Maya worked even harder and finally gave life to her dreams. Her parents could no longer hold their tears the first day Maya went to the college but not to study but to teach this time. Something that made her parents believe in destiny was that Maya got appointed in the same college where she had studied a few years back.

Something that used to be her biggest weakness turned into her biggest strength. Maya did not care about anything but her dreams. She was one of those strong-minded people who never let their dreams go out of their sight.

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