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How to deal with blushing

All of us blush at some points in our life, but for some, it is a way of life and it can be very embarrassing as well. Blushing frequently under nervous situations can be very daunting for the person and it can tamper with his/her self confidence and ability to perform. Here are some ways to deal with blushing and move ahead in life.

Confront the situation frequently

Most blushing occurs when you face situations where you do not have enough confidence or are embarrassed by your own performance. The only way to get away from blushing under such circumstances is through constant practice and elimination. Though initially you will have to go through several embarrassing situations while confronting the situation to avoid blushing, with practice and frequent facing of situations where you blush, the embarrassment slowly starts vanishing and you will soon be left with brimming energy and confidence with every passing day. If you want to avoid getting embarrassed while facing these situations, you can take the help of friends and relatives who are supportive. Create similar instances where you are prone to blushing and practice several times at home or in front of your loved ones. This will increase your confidence level when you actually face such situations in life.

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing can help prevent blushing to a great extent. When you identify situations that you feel have the potential to land you up in embarrassing situations, causing blushing, start doing deep breathing exercises immediately. Continue the breathing exercises until your breathing becomes normal and the panic and anxiety are set to rest. Relaxing your mind and body will prevent you from causing mistakes and help you talk with confidence as well, thereby preventing instances of blushing. Blushing occurs when the breathing is increased and blood rushes to your face, causing slurred speech, nervousness and anxiety. Relaxation exercises help you control your breathing and put it back to normalcy so that you are relaxed and calm.

Shift your attention

There could be certain instances which make you blush. This could be facing a panel, your boss or while in a group discussion where you too have to address issues and suggest your views. While these instances may not be entirely avoidable and there is no scope for you to face the situation and perfect your confidence before you stop blushing, the best way to deal with it is to start deep breathing exercises as soon as you start feeling the symptoms that culminate into blushing. To relax your body and shift attention from the immediate object or instance that cause the blushing, do something else like ask a question, shift your attention to others who are talking, distract your attention to the topic that is being spoken about etc. for some time. This will help you relax before you take up your session. Keep inhaling and exhaling consciously even while you shift attention to something else. You may even excuse yourself for a few minutes to gain some confidence. But make sure that you are mentally prepared to force yourself back to your seat after relaxation rather than escape from there permanently.

Seek psychiatric counselling

Blushing can be caused when you are not confident, have social phobia and are generally shy in nature. Sometimes, the situation can be very bad that you cannot function at all in a normal environment. Seek psychiatric counselling if you feel that you are a very anxious person and require medical and psychiatric help to control your blushing. Your counselor can suggest confidence building exercises where you will be thrown in front of a crowd or people to talk and given medications as well to control your anxiety. These treatment methods may take time to give results based on your will power and mental makeup. However, with time, they will be very helpful in controlling your blushing.

Surgical interventions

Sometimes excessive sweating and blushing need to be treated with surgical intervention. Endoscopic transthoracic surgery is a surgical method undertaken when the person is faced with excessive blushing and sweating during social situations. The surgery aims at severing the sympathetic nerves which give signals to the sweat glands that are located on the face during anxious situations, causing blushing. Once these nerves are severed, the facial blushing cannot be stimulated through nerve stimulation. Surgical intervention is done only as a last resort when all other methods fail to give the desired result. However, this surgical process is known to give excellent results to those who have severe episodes of blushing that tamper with their advancement in life.

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