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How to deal with girl problems

Right from her first menstrual cycle to her first relation, a girl has a lot of things to think about. Reading a girl’s mind is often a difficult thing. However, it is also the key to solve many of her problems. Let us have a look at some of the girl’s problems and ways to deal them.

Dealing with menstrual stress

It is no more hidden that girls do face some or the other kind of stress during their menstrual cycle. Blame it on the hormones or the natural cycle, the stress does come as a hurdle in her daily activities. Becoming lazy or angry for anything for no reason will be a common thing. As parents or as friends, remember that she is not doing any of that purposely. She may be experiencing unbearable cramps in her tummy and yet has to do all the chores without complaining. Hence the possibility that she fights with you is high.

Understand that she is going through menstrual stress and that she will be back to her normal behavior after few days. Help her in doing some household chores or comfort her by talking to her. Cooking her favorite food on these days will definitely let her forget all the pain.

Dealing with teenage problems

A girl has innumerable problems in her teenage years. The proximity of these problems can vary every day. Teenage is the time when one comes in contact with people with different backgrounds and coping with every one of them becomes a task.

As parents you should understand that this kind of behavior is completely common in all the girls and your girl is no different. If at any point you feel that your girl is undergoing stress, it is high time to talk to her and ask her about the problem. Tell her that instead of stressing out, she should enjoy her teenage days.


Dealing with her first relation

She will be excited about it and she may be always thinking about it. You can see many changes in her. You can see her talking for long hours on the phone, or being with her partner for more hours than you. All these changes may be hard to digest but you have to deal with it. To get involved with her in her happiness you can ask her how she is handling her relation, how is she feeling about her partner, etc. Guide her on various matters as she will definitely turn to you for advice on anything. Be ready to help her and guide her in her new journey. Tell her that she is having the best time of her life and there is nothing more important than handling her relation.


Dealing with peer pressures

You may think that her being grumpy of her clothes and her demands for new clothes is every day’s problem. However, if you see this exceeding, you need to talk to her. Ask her if she is being pressurized in any form by her college mates. Tell her that she cannot be bullied by anyone in college. If she is changing the way she is in any kind, then she is doing harm to herself. People liked her as she was and will keep liking her as she is. The best way to deal with this kind of problem will be communication as you would come to know about her friend circle whom she admires and desires to follow.


Dealing with her first breakup

Nothing would be most devastating in her life than her first break up. If you did not have one, you would not even imagine the kind of thoughts that would be going on a girl’s mind on her first break up. You must know that she might be thinking that she can never fall in love ever again and will never trust any guy any more. You will be needed by her like never before. They may be thinking of all the shortcomings they may be having as they are been rejected.

You should be a supporting pillar to her and tell her that a relation that never works was never meant to be in the first place and that she still has to wait for her prince. Make her believe that everything happens for good and that there are many good things in-store for her.

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