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Master The Art Of Being A Third Wheel In A Relationship

Third Wheel In A Relationship

Third Wheeling is not as much fun as it sounds

Without much ado, let us all agree that being a third wheel in a relationship or on a date is boring, stupid, and awkward. Tagging along with a couple or hanging out with your friends – who are unfortunately also a couple – by yourself is awkward. But if you ever find yourself stuck as a third wheel on a date, you need to master the subtle art of handling it or avoiding it. While being a third wheel in a relationship sounds like flying off to Mars without a spaceship (next to impossible at the moment), this article will help you build a skyrocket to escape the dizzy, bland, and (almost) traumatic moments of being a third wheel in a relationship.

Even when you want to smash things against a wall, try to act positively

Art-Of-Being-A-Third-Wheel-In-A-RelationshipNow imagine you are stuck with your friend couple at a night bar after a difficult day at work. Your head is throbbing and the music is downright insulting to your taste. In such a scenario, you are bound to end up frustrated while you watch two of your friends going over the moon in love with each other. You might feel like splashing the beer from your glass against a wall and stomping out of the bar. Here’s a tip: Do the exact opposite of it.

All the single third wheels will agree that they never enjoy being a third wheel. But remember, the couple across you consists of people who are your close friends. You have spent some beautiful moments together. They are in love, so it wouldn’t be the best idea to ruin their evening. Also, clear your mind of the misconception that they are not aware or appreciative of your presence around them.

A helpful thing will be to run some errands and get some more beer for the three of you. Or, try to open up a conversation about other things going on in your life as well as theirs. If nothing works, just sit there and try to enjoy being a third wheel while making a note of what amazing things love can do to people. Maybe you can learn a romantic trick or two from them! Looking at the silver lining behind the dark clouds is the perfect solution on how to handle third wheeling.

Make your phone the fourth wheel

Make your phone the fourth wheelUsually, it is a rude etiquette to indulge in your phone while you are with your loved ones. But, being a third in a relationship is a different ball game together. At times, you might feel that you are being neglected by the couple you are with. Or else, you might notice that the couple is way too much involved in their sweet whisperings. These are moments when you have to throw etiquettes or guilt out of the window and make your phone the fourth wheel.

If you find that the love-filled talks of the couple in front of you are somewhat awkward for you to handle, just look down at your phone screen. Play some games on your phone, or browse through numerous social platforms. Better yet, start a chat with someone interesting you just got matched with on Tinder. Who knows, the next time you go out with a couple, it may not be as a third wheel.

The best thing about using your phone on such occasions is that you might also do some impromptu googling on how to handle third wheeling. And who knows, you might end up reading this article!

Be the Cupid and shoot the arrow – again

Yes, your friends are already in love with each other. But as a third wheel, it is your duty to encourage them to fall for each other harder. Now, that isn’t as difficult as it sounds. As a third wheel on a date, if you notice the couple fighting for trivial issues, you can bring it to their notice. Or, you can provide some constructive outsider’s insight into how they can make things better for their relationship. Your dynamic duo couple would certainly love that.

There might be times when you have to tag along as a third wheel on a date because the couple actually needs some advice over some personal issues. The best tip on how to handle third wheeling in such situations is to try and not make things more awkward than they really are, give an honest and unbiased opinion, and provide good support to the two of them. Another great way to turn Cupid is by giving the couple some nice tips about expressing love in unique ways. 

Being a third wheel in a relationship isn’t so bad after all! You just need to turn into Cupid when the need arises and shoot your arrow at the two of them – again and again – till they are head over heels for each other. That’s a good deed and it will make it easy for you to enjoy being a third wheel.

Be honest about being a third wheel in a relationship

couple is in a dire need of some privacyWhen things start getting too awkward for you, be honest and upfront. Inform the couple that you are uncomfortable being the third wheel on a date and that you would like to excuse yourself from this situation. Or if you sense that the couple is in a dire need of some privacy, leave the place for a while. But remember, whatever you do, be polite about it. It is human nature to unintentionally be nonchalant about other people’s comfort while indulging in pleasure yourself.

Don’t forget that the couple in front of you are humans too. They might seem oblivious to your presence at times, but they too will try to ensure that you don’t feel ignored by them. Just ensure that you initiate a conversation every once in a while to make third wheeling a smoother and easier process for you and for the couple as well.

Remember, the trick for how to handle third wheeling might be difficult, but it is never impossible to tolerate or enjoy being a third wheel. However, if you find that even after being positive, supportive, and casual about the whole situation, you are still not able to digest the moment, it is best to politely excuse yourself from the situation and avoid such scenarios in the future.

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