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Finding Love: 8 Tested Rules to Get You in the Game

Romance 101

There’s love in the air, but for others you feel, as you’re still single and waiting for the right one to come along. You may have uploaded your profile on to numerous dating sites online, but love has still eluded you. You think you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. You’ve gone on blind dates, tried every trick you know but haven’t had any luck. But there are some tried and tested rules which can help you find love in no time. Read on to find out how you can get in the game with these 8 tested rules:

Be proactive

Don’t wait for love to find you, but get out there and go looking for it. Experts say you would have a better chance of finding love if you get out of the passive mode and start actively searching for it. You don’t have to be desperate or show your desperation, but keep an open mind and meet new people. You may be pining for someone who’s not interested in you, it’s better to accept that you don’t have a future together and move on. You might find your soul mate in someone or somewhere you least expected to. 

Seek friendship

Romance is fun and makes dates interesting, but its friendship or partnership which makes a relationship work. Don’t go looking for someone who sweeps you off your feet, but look for someone you can depend on, and you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t mean that you have no sparks at all, but there should be sharing of opinions and both of you should care about what the other likes and what you want.

Widen your reach

Don’t worry about being single anymore and let people know that you’re looking for someone. Widen your social circle, as it’s unlikely to find someone if you keep meeting the same people every day. Join the gym, which might give more than a fit and toned body, love at the water cooler. Connect with similar groups on Facebook, especially those in your area, and have a better chance of meeting someone who lives near you.

You can attend singles events if you want to, join political rallies, social groups, volunteer for the causes you like, or meet people online trying different dating sites.

Move on if you don’t like someone

If you know it’s not going to work out, your gut saying that it’s time to say goodbye to the person, make yourself move on, as it’s just wasting your time and the other person’s. So a little hurt at the present moment will save you a lot of pain later when it’s more difficult to move on. Conserve your energy is important as it is physically and mentally exhausting, especially after the first ten dates. Some people really make the effort, sense who they should NOT be with, and go on to other dates, as many as 20, but do manage to find a partner who they’re happy with ultimately.

Look up

Stop looking at your phone when you’re out as you would miss seeing someone cute who might be interested in you. Look around the room, see who’s looking your way, make eye contact for 3 seconds and smile!

Be happy

People want to be with someone who is positive, optimistic and confident – the same kind of person you’d like to be with. Eating right, exercising and fighting depression, trying to be more open and work on other things that you think would be the best version of yourself.

Opposites do NOT attract

Like-minded people have easier and healthier relationships unlike opposites, which may be interesting at first, but might cause problems later when you want to do different things.

Be yourself

Do not change yourself because of someone you’d really like to be with, but who probably wouldn’t want to be with the real you. Just be yourself and let things happen naturally.

Before you find someone, you have to find yourself – know what you want from the other person, so that you can communicate your needs to the ‘one’.  Give yourself time and enjoy your search for love.

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