Confidence must never be mistaken for arrogance

Confidence must never be mistaken for arrogance Certain traits make up a person. Whether good or bad, a person is defined by those traits. Among a number of traits that make one a person of character is – confidence. What really is confidence? In easier term confidence can be defined as self-belief; it is a sort of self-assurance of knowing what one is capable of doing. Like everything, confidence is also good when it is in a moderate state. Neither is over-confidence good, nor is a lack of confidence good for an individual. The right amount of confidence, however, is apt for an individual for a charming and enviable character. A lot of people are over-confident, and they think of themselves to be a Chuck Norris! Nothing seems beyond their ability! In reality, everyone is limited by something. The ones who accept the fact are the best ones! Confidence, and not over-confidence, is one that where you know what you are capable of doing, and also what you cannot do justice to! It is wise to delegate someone else for some work which you know you will not be good enough, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it! Rather, act smart by letting others know that you cannot do a particular thing, instead you are better off at something else! However, more than a number of times, confidence is often mistaken for arrogance. This is not really a fault of the individual. Even confidence can be taken the other way round which is a bit away from the positive light. There are a couple of things that you could keep in mind, so that people do not fail to comprehend your confidence as arrogance:

  • Even you are confident of something, come with it politely. A calm tone and the right voice modulation can do the trick.
  • Check twice and be sure of your capability before you volunteer for a job or take up a task. This will save you from being a laughing stock in future!
  • Just being confident will not do. You need to convince others about the fact that you can do a job or you know a subject well enough.
  • Sometimes, give others a chance too. Sure, you know a job or thing the best, but at times it is also important that you give others a chance.
  • Confidence in yourself is not just being able to do a job well, but also to guide others doing the job, while you are at the backstage.
  • A confident person is respected even more, when he or she is a polite individual than a haughty one.

In order to gain others trust of your capability, you need to prove them first! Once you do so, you will see that others will have confidence on you and even before you say they will entrust you with tasks. Confidence is mistaken for arrogance, when you tend to prove that you are the best in a persuasive way! Rather than pursuing others of what you can do, it is an easy way to prove them once and then let the ball in their court. Arrogance is something that we are taught to avoid when we were in school. Remember those Value Education classes? Instead ‘politeness’ was always insisted upon. No matter how sleepy those Value Education classes might have made you, going the polite way will soon prove how true they were! Your confidence turns into arrogance when you try and act as the know-it-all person. As Issac Newton had said, “I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” The hint is clear, isn’t it? In fact, if you notice a bit, most great men were humble and polite in spite of their vast knowledge. Here are some don’ts to stop people from thinking you to be arrogant:

  • Do not lose your temper. Losing your temper often makes you lose more than a number of things. The list may include – respect, love, faith and more! Anger is much like fire which often destroys everything around you… including you.
  • Never look down upon others. Remember, even others have some abilities to do a work. Be bold enough to accept that some might also be better at some work than you.
  • Never insist too much on anything. Too much of coxing often ruin things.
  • Never over-burden yourself. In spite of you being capable of doing more than a number of tasks, try taking up one at a time. Do not get over-burdened with work; instead spend that time with friends or family.
  • Just as you would hate it if others interpret your confidence for arrogance, others might feel the same if you think their confidence to be arrogance. Be patient, and hear them out.

Before we blame others, it is very important to realize that it is our own self who give others the wrong ideas about us. There is more than a way of saying a particular thing. Learn to say things in a way that puts your point across, yet not hurting anybody directly. It is mostly a play with the words and tone. Unnecessary loud voice does not do any good, and might make you to be an arrogant person in front of others, than a confident one. On the contrary, do not be meek either. Being a confident, humble ad polite human being does not mean that you need to take any sort of crap that comes your way. You should be rigid enough to keep such people out of your way. Try and remember that, the difference between ‘confidence’ and ‘arrogance’ is just that of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. The former is ‘right attitude’, and the latter is ‘wrong attitude’! Needless to say the former is desirable. Be confident and get ready to win the world!

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