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Superdense Bookmarks : The Best Choice for Minimalist Web Junkies

Superdense Bookmarks
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People who love to research or browse the internet often like to save particular pages or images. In such cases using bookmarks is a good idea. Similar to the paper or plastic bookmark concept, the electronic book is ideal when you want to categorize your saved pages while working online. The internet is one of the biggest resources where you can obtain any kind of information you need. Amongst the various minimalist bookmark ideas software, Superdense is one such option you can choose while opting for a bookmark manager. Let us look at why this is one of the best choices you can make for your needs. 

What makes Superdense bookmarks for minimalist a good choice?

Superdense bookmarks for minimalist

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If you are looking for a way to optimize your productivity, then Superdense’s custom bookmarking features is the right choice. This software makes your work a lot easier and also helps you to save time and energy. Now you do not have to waste time searching for the pages from your history for thanks to the use of bookmarks. 

So why should you choose Superdense bookmarks for web junkies? 

Pricing options to suit your pocket

Superdense bookmarks pricing

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One of the best things about Superdense is that it offers different types of pricing options for people who want bookmarks. The pricing options comes with various benefits and facilities such as

  • Lifetime access to minimalist bookmark ideas and access to any company plan updates whenever they are launched.
  • Downgrade or upgrade between plan whenever you want with a 60-day time period to active the license
  • Common feature that are included with all plans like unlimited bookmarks, spaces and categories.

Different payment plans

free trial

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New customers get a free trail period without the need of a credit card. On the completion of the trial period, you can then opt for a monthly or yearly (with additional savings) package depending on your choice. You can opt for:

  • The Solo Plan starting at $3 per month which is ideal for individuals who want to use bookmarks for minimalist
  • The Team plan is suitable for a family or a small team with a monthly charge of $12
  • The company plan at $49 is ideal for a team of max 25 people who are looking for bookmarks for minimalist
  • The Enterprise plan which is ideal for business owners who have more than 25 users. For the pricing, custom bookmarking features and benefits, you would need to get in touch with support.

Features of minimalist bookmark ideas

·         Organizing your bookmarks for minimalist

One of the best things about Superdense bookmarks for web junkies is that you can easily organize the bookmarks the way you want. You also have the option to re-order your bookmarks by putting them into respective categories.

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·         Drag and Drop bookmarks for minimalist feature

drag and drop

Image Source : superdense.com

The drag and drop feature allows you to reorder the categories and bookmarks to suit your needs. All you need to do is click and hold each icon and rearrange them the in the order that you want. You can easily change the order and desired location as well as move the categories according to your preferences.

·         Icons customization for better understanding

We all browse the internet for our personal and professional use. One of the best things about minimalist bookmark ideas is that you can divide the bookmarks based on the concept of the bookmark. Some examples of customization can include personal, work, research, online free tools, my favorites, courses, etc.

·         Privacy settings to suit your needs

creating categories

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Superdense bookmarks for minimalists offer every user the benefit of customizing their privacy settings to suit their needs. A person can choose to categorize their bookmarks either by opting for the public or private options. The public option is good if you want to access your bookmarks through your public profile. On the other hand, the private option is meant for those bookmarks that you want to keep hidden. 

Unique account features of Superdense


Image Source : superdense.com

·         Multi-user accounts for better management

adding bookmarks

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Apart from the solo plan, Superdense software also comes with multi-user accounts. The team or company accounts allow you to add multiple users depending on the maximum user limit of the plan.

·         Deactivation of ex-employee accounts

share and inspire

Image Source : superdense.com

When you have bookmarks for web junkies account for multiple users, you can easily deny the login access for ex-employees. Account owners can deactivate the account or even inform the team if they are not able to do so. The person has the choice of opting for a solo account if they want to continue using Superdense bookmarking software. 

A final note on custom bookmarking features

Bookmarking is one of the most commonly used facilities that people prefer while they are browsing the internet. Superdense is a good option if you are looking for minimalist bookmark software online. This is a paid service that is ideal for both individuals and teams.

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