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People who love to research or browse the internet often like to save particular pages or images. In such cases using bookmarks is a good idea. Similar to the paper or plastic bookmark concept, the electronic book is ideal when […]

Superdense Bookmarks

Are you one of those people who keeps a lot of tabs open while working or studying? Your research might demand that you have to browse through numerous sites to find relevant information. Some people listen to music while working

tab Extend Manages all Your Tabs Boosting Productivity Review

Storing data in a cloud storage service makes life easier – you can access the data from anywhere using any device, as most cloud storage providers facilitate syncing your devices. Most drives offer good services, so what is the difference

Internxt cloud storage provider with zero-knowledge feature

With the vacations beginning, it is time to get out of the chair and come out of the mundane life due to work and projects. While it may be more difficult than it seems, here is a list of five

With the growing trends in technology, various high end gadgets have been introduced in the market that help to take better care of your health and keep you updated about your wellness and fitness. Here is especially for you a

For all business organizations, it is the most important task and sometimes, the most difficult one to store and maintain the large information related to day-to-day work in paper documents. A company devotes a large section of its office area

Some of the most notable technology giants such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo have recently revealed that they are often asked by government security authorities to disclose customer information for their intelligence probes and the language these technology giants used

You should be hearing about all different types of marketing – be it online marketing, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing or content marketing. Nevertheless, everything points to the same direction of spreading a word about your business that has become a

In the present virtual world of internet, there are innumerable business opportunities that might even cut the real-world efforts you make to boost up your business. In fact, some online social media tools can be termed as a technology boon

What is StumbleUpon and who should not use it? StumbleUpon is a social site that acts as a custom search engine and offers information that is of interest to you. Like Google Bookmarks or Instapaper, it also allows bookmarking of

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