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Top five mobile apps to keep you organized and entertained while travelling

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With the vacations beginning, it is time to get out of the chair and come out of the mundane life due to work and projects. While it may be more difficult than it seems, here is a list of five incredible mobile applications that will help you to plan and coordinate your vacations in a better way.



Trplt is available for Android and iPhone and compiles all your travel information automatically by connecting with your email accounts. This amazing app quickly manages all your confirmation emails from airlines, hotels and bus companies to help you travel safe and easy. You can even share itineraries with friends, family and colleagues with Triplt. This is a truly wonderful app that brings al your information at one place.



You can get real time flight updates, airport wait times and gate by gate lists of hotels, shops and services in most of the airports at the U.S. and Canada. You have this information with you even before you get off your first flight. With Gate Guru you are sure to have the greatest travelling experience ever as it will help you to navigate easily the best and the not so good of all airports of the world.



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With Skype mobile phone application you can now make low cost calls anywhere anytime instead of the expensive per minute international cell phone call plans. By pairing your Skype app with free Wi-Fi of your hotel lobby you can even make free calls to other Skype subscribers. It is used by millions of people around the globe every day for voice and video calling, instant messaging, sharing and low cost national and international calls.



It is an easy and fun way to talk and recommend about what’s good and what’s not at any place that you have been to. Yelp has an extensive database of reviews of the world’s best metropolitan restaurants, cafes, launderettes and more for your smartphones, which makes it easy for you to locate any hotel or shop by category or search term. You can even search famous shops with the help of ZIP code or city name. Thus you can find quality places in an entirely new place.



With the hipstamatic app, you can make your mobile snapshots better and happening. The artistic filters on images often give them a beautiful look. It works like plastic cameras and make your snaps look artistic.


All the above mentioned cool apps will help you make the best out of your time on trip while you are at your favorite destinations. Some will even help you in navigating your getaway destination, and make the most of your vacation.

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