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Sony has recently launched its Xperia Z2 Tablet in Indian markets after unveiling it at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The company believes that this device can give tough competition to similar products from Samsung and Apple.

The homegrown social network called Worldfloat has come up with an interesting mobile app. This newly launched app not only provides a social network and regular news feed to users, but also brings to them movies and videos from a

Life is full of problems and the common irritations or annoyances that we face everyday seem to have no solutions. Thankfully, there are many scientists and highly talented individuals who have sworn to find solutions for different daily annoyances. They

Xperia U is a powerful Android Touchscreen phone that runs on Gingerbread os. It is packed with 1  GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor under the hood. It gives you the best performance and multi-tasking abilities. It sports a 5 mega

An increasing number of people have started to access the internet and social networks through their portable and handheld devices. Today, more than 16 percent of all social media users access social networks through a tablet while 46 percent claim

With the fourth-generation or 4G phones already hitting the markets, the demand for apps has been on the rise. 4G phones promise to take your experience to a new level and with powerful apps by your side; you can have

Ford recently unveiled its new lineage of hybrid cars including the C-Max Energi, a plug-in hybrid. The world around us, interestingly, is gearing up towards a greener future and Ford does not seem to remain behind in joining this bandwagon.

Facebook has recently been in the news regarding the launch of its new software for mobile devices, trivially titled as Facebook Home. The Facebook Home software is a fresh and innovative approach toward social networking on mobile devices. From the

Wearable technology or fashion electronics are the latest fascination for most of the techies. These mostly refer to accessories that incorporate computer technologies and are a result of using advanced tech electronic techniques. Such fashion electronics products involve practical features,

There is a growing buzz among business circles about 3D printers, and it has been estimated by some venture capitalists that MakerBot has made around 10 million dollars in 2011 through the sale of these 3D printers. The question now

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