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One of the ways to increase student and employee attendance in schools might be by using biometric facial recognition technology to register attendance. Face recognition technology is now being used by many colleges, in order to pressurize students to attend […]

face recognition technology

Northcube AB has come up with its health and fitness app called Sleep Cycle. This app acts like an intelligent alarm clock for users.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock - Review

While you may be a die-hard fan of a music band, you may not like it to invade into your privacy by sending some unwanted stuff to you. This is exactly what recently happened when an unwanted U2 album reached

Remove unwanted U2 album with a new app: Review

VizTec has come up with a solution to your Android Wear connectivity problems. It has launched an app called Android Wear BeeLink, which helps you to connect your Android Wear to any other device.

Android Wear BeeLink app - Review

RuiHao Min, a Chinese student, recently developed and launched an app called Blue Cheese. Released by Edible Innovations, this app helps people in navigating foreign food menus and learning about the items or dishes that are unknown to them.

Blue Cheese app - Review

The homegrown social network called Worldfloat has come up with an interesting mobile app. This newly launched app not only provides a social network and regular news feed to users, but also brings to them movies and videos from a

Argus is an activity tracker app that helps you keep yourself in shape and stay fit. Launched for iOS, this app combines a workout monitor and daily step counter so you may achieve all your fitness goals.

Design The Titanfall Companion App is designed to acclimatize the player with the Titanfall universe like the game’s back-story, levels, weapons and various helpful game tips. You can enhance your performance with this Titanfall Companion App. The app provides you

Rumors about the much discussed about new Facebook product can finally be put to rest. Facebook has now come up with a new app for Android users in the form of Facebook Home. It claims that this new app will

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