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Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Review

Northcube AB has come up with its health and fitness app called Sleep Cycle. This app acts like an intelligent alarm clock for users.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock - Review

Android Wear BeeLink app – Review

VizTec has come up with a solution to your Android Wear connectivity problems. It has launched an app called Android Wear BeeLink, which helps you to connect your Android Wear to any other device.

Android Wear BeeLink app - Review

Blue Cheese app – Review

RuiHao Min, a Chinese student, recently developed and launched an app called Blue Cheese. Released by Edible Innovations, this app helps people in navigating foreign food menus and learning about the items or dishes that are unknown to them.

Blue Cheese app - Review

Argus for iOS: Review

Argus is an activity tracker app that helps you keep yourself in shape and stay fit. Launched for iOS, this app combines a workout monitor and daily step counter so you may achieve all your fitness goals.

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