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Blue Cheese app – Review

Blue Cheese app - Review
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RuiHao Min, a Chinese student, recently developed and launched an app called Blue Cheese. Released by Edible Innovations, this app helps people in navigating foreign food menus and learning about the items or dishes that are unknown to them.


The Blue Cheese app helps in visual food menu translation. It is currently available to translate foreign food menus in English language to Chinese. The developer assures that more languages and content features would soon be added to the app. With a simple scan of single or multiple lines mentioned in a menu, this app offers exact and immediate translation of menu items. This app not only displays the images of food, but also provides details on a dish’s ingredients and flavors. You may not only search food items on this app, but also view historical information. Additionally, you may view others’ comments on the same food or may leave your own suggestions regarding a dish you try.


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This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The updated app is optimized for iPhone 5. It requires you to have iOS 7.0 or later to work smoothly. The app is efficient while making immediate searches and doing translation. It is also very effective in providing the right information according to user searches performed using scanned menu images. The app’s performance has led it to be featured in the “Best New Apps” on the App Store.

Ease of use

The Blue Cheese app allows users to make easy searches by providing a resizable scanning box where they may upload a picture of any food item that they do not comprehend in a menu. Just doing this translates the content of that scanned image from English to Chinese language. The app makes it very simple to gain information about unknown menu terms and strange items.


This app is wonderful to use when you have no idea about the dishes you are going to order in a foreign restaurant. You not only get the names translated into your own language, but also get complete details about an item and its ingredients and flavors. Thus, you may avoid ordering something that might not suit your taste.

Value for money

The app offers complete value for money, as it is available for free download on the App Store.

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