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Here comes the Portrait pro 19, the smartest, more advanced photo editing programmer we have today. It is the best and easiest smart photo editing software that can be of great help when you want to go for your next […]

Achieve portrait perfection with portrait pro 19

At some time or the other, in order to complete certain task, most of us feel the need of some software that has one particular function. It could be that we want to give a video presentation, or we want

Kapwing Products

Well, it looks like Antropics technology has worked miracles again by launching the second version of Landscape Pro. With better and advanced features, expanded library and 2 D and 3D tools, your photos can truly come to life with the

sky reflections

Google Pixel has been out for some months now and is getting great reviews. The Google Pixel XL and Pixel replace the Nexus range and have turned out to be premium and much sought after Android devices. The Pixel is

With Photolemur being there to enhance your photos instantly, your photos won’t disappoint you anymore. Essentially a smart and intelligent photography assistant, this unique software automatically makes your photos look better. You no longer have to spend hours manually correcting your

A unit of Zoho Corporation, ManageEngine has come up with a unique network management product called OpManager. The software monitors all SNMP-enabled devices in real time and reports for them. Check out its role inmanaging large, geographically distributed networks.

Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is a solution for IT performance monitoring and infrastructure management. This server monitoring software is designed to be quite comprehensive so it may provide a lot of information on the health of your servers and overall

Long distant relationships are really difficult, as your heart aches in memory of your beloved or your loved ones residing in different country or at far off places. There were options like Skype available that gives you an opportunity to

Frebble – Review

The Smartphone industry is making progress with every passing day and is offering users phones that are high on functions and are competitively priced. Now we have one more contender in the list of Smartphone providers, Wickedleak. This Mumbai based

Wickedleak Wammy Neo Youth – Review

This review provides you with the details of the Best HDR Software used in creating high dynamic range photographs. Since, there has been huge increase in producing high dynamic range photographs, several HDR software’s have been developed, which have the

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