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Withings has launched its newest addition to scales. The Body Cardio scale surprisingly measures much more than your body weight and BMI. This smart scale has the uniqueness of providing you with the status of your heart’s health. Additionally, the […]

Microsoft has played around with its keyboards a lot. If you have experienced the keyboard on a windows phone, you would agree that it is nearly flawless. The ergonomic design, elegant and innovative hacks and flexibility of use are unique

The Chinese company DJI has just come up with its first stabilized ground camera called Osmo. If you do not have the budget of a professional, then this steady handheld camera can be of great assistance. Check out what all

Google has recently introduced itsAndroid hybrid tablet called Pixel C. While the mission of this convertible slate is to lead on the productivity front, let us see whether it can actually meet its goals with its current features and effectiveness.

A unit of Zoho Corporation, ManageEngine has come up with a unique network management product called OpManager. The software monitors all SNMP-enabled devices in real time and reports for them. Check out its role inmanaging large, geographically distributed networks.

Tag Heuer has just appeared on the scene of Android Wear devices with its debut smartwatch called Tag Heuer Connected. While it is expensive and stylish, let us see whether it would be worth owning when there are competitive devices

If you love Apple gadgets, then here is another cool accessory from Apple that you may like. The company has come up with a 7-inch stylus for your iPad Pro. It is called Apple Pencil. Check out how this stylus

Intuitive apps are the way to go in the future. There are many apps that could help us improvise on our skills and capabilities as professionals; however, intuitive apps are the need of the day for event management professionals more

Have you bought your kid an iPhone or an Android phone but do not know how to keep an eye on his/her activities on it?A good way to monitor your child or even an employee of your company on a

Sky has recently upgraded its television system and has come up with a new version called Sky Q. The system gives you an effective Sky box and a nice collection of services that can enhance your TV viewing experience greatly.

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