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Withings Body Cardio Scale measures your heart’s health in 30 seconds

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Withings has launched its newest addition to scales. The Body Cardio scale surprisingly measures much more than your body weight and BMI. This smart scale has the uniqueness of providing you with the status of your heart’s health. Additionally, the Withings Body Cardio Scale also measures body fat percentage, total body water percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, and heart rate. Not only this, it updates all your health stats to your mobile via Bluetooth or Wifi.


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The WithingsBody Cardio Scale will be especially helpful for those that want to keep a close track of their fitness. The smart scale connects to the accompanying Android and iOS compatible Withings app to bring all your fitness data to your phone. This Wifi/ Bluetooth enabled transfer of essential data lessens the work of manually entering and comparing data collected over time.

The scale eliminates regular visits to a physician for monitoring your heart. It does this by measuring the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), a reliable parameter to judge the health of your heart. The scale is equipped with sensors that can determine the exact time lapse from the instant blood leaves the heart in the aorta and reaches the vessels in your feet. This time is then compared with your height, as you entered during the setup process. This is a reliable tool to judge the health’s heart.

Value for money 

The Withings Body Cardio scale is the most expensive scale in the market with a price tag of $180. When you consider the advantage of getting the health of your heart monitored, this amount is apt for the scale.

If you are looking for a cheaper option in smart scales, the Withings Body scale can also be a smart choice. Except the cardiac health statistics that are available in the Body Cardio scale, all the other smart applications are available in the Body scale by Withings at $130.


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The smart scale by Withings has a neat and sleek design. It looks good wherever you place it, thanks to its chic appearance. The overall dimensions are 13×13 inch, which makes it apt for accommodating all sizes of feet. Two color options are available for the scale, white and black. The top of the white Withings Body Cardio scale has a clean white top with off-white horizontal lines that are faint enough to blend in with the look. A silver strip runs down vertically in the middle.

The 2.6 × 1.75inch LCD display has a nice black backdrop on which a bright backlight displays information. The sensors work amazingly, the display starts showing you all your stats as soon as you step on it.


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Wifi connectivity makes it easy to gather all your information at a single place without having to hold your smartphone close by. It takes the scale about 30 seconds to measure all the body statistics and each is displayed on the LCD instantly. The body mass index, weight, body water percentage, fat percentage, bone mass and muscle mass will be displayed on the display screen. To access the PWV readings, users have to check the Withings app page.

The scale has a built-in battery that will easily outlast conventional AA or AAA batteries. This built-in battery can be recharged using a small USB charging port provided with the scale.

Ease of Use 

Withings Body Cardio scale incorporates ease of handling and use in its sophisticated design. As soon as you use it for the first time, it prompts you to download the Health Mate app by Withings. Pressing a small button on the right corner will enable instant connectivity with your smartphone over Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

To get a complete reading of your fitness status, you just have to center yourself on the scale. Its size can accommodate all sizes of feet, and as soon as you step on, the display starts showing you all the readings. If the display shows small triangles, it indicates that you are not centered over the sensors.

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