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Apple Watch was recently launched in a grand presentation in Cupertino and the major specs are now known to us. The much awaited watch will be marketed in the first quarter of 2015. The Apple Watch will be available in […]

A baby is the greatest gift of God to a mother. When it comes to taking care of a baby, a mother chooses every item very carefully. As far as baby gadgets are concerned, it is important that you make

With the growing trends in technology, various high end gadgets have been introduced in the market that help to take better care of your health and keep you updated about your wellness and fitness. Here is especially for you a

There are varieties of wearable gadgets that have appearance of everyday apparel. These are simple but powerful gadgets and are available in the market. Here we have numbers of fashionable and functional gadgets soon entering to the market.

From business trips to negotiations and interviews, a businessman has to manage an array of different things while on the move. The efficiency and usefulness of these activities is directly related to the type of gadgets they use. The various

Latest trends this year include smart home cars, wearable devices, and crowd of bigger TVs. This year, there is a variety of health related products such as wearables tracks footstep and heart rate. Wearable technologies have medical applications. Wearable health

A researcher’s job is to invent products inspired by designs from the most unexpected of things , and here is one such intriguing thing modeled. One of the most friendly and mystical pomegranate fruit has inspired scientists to create batteries

The Nokia Lumia Handsets Nokia was once the mobile king but is now seeing doom to the extent that it has been overtaken by Microsoft. Thus, one look at the company’s website and you shall see the new launches are

Gadgets are those little things that have made our lives so much simpler, scientists try to figure out new designs that can boost the things that we do everyday like eating, storing things and living our daily lives. Gadgets can

Travelling adds Sense about What Gadgets to Carry Where If you are a frequent traveller, you know how some things can turn out to be absolutely of no use on your journey and still occupy space. If you have visited

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